Saturday, July 04, 2009


haven been updating my blog cos i'm still uploading photos onto facebook and photobucket
there's seriously too many photos! ugh, and fb is not helping cos it's slower than a tortoise
or perhaps it's my laptop

anyways, i do still update on twitter :)
moreover now i can update twitter using my handphone for free using a number provided by!

i see that i'll be massively updating twitter now
microblogging is not bad actually

less words, easier to read eh

so u can check my updates at the twitter widget on the left,
or follow me on twitter at @sobriquetz

isn't my twitter nick predictable, haha!

and i just found out that the leighton marissa twitter that i've been following is fake
and that her 'blog' is also fake, i feel so cheated
cos it really sounds pretty real eh
what boredom could make such a GUY to do this? stalker-ish behaviour i believe

btw, leighton marissa is BLAIR WALDORF of GOSSIP GIRL if u don't know

okay, back to uploading more photos on fb, and massive tagging
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