Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[nuffnang UP! contest]

another upcoming movie which i want to watch!

okay, the poster may not look THAT capitavating

but check out the trailer!

i first saw this trailer when i was watching Night at the Museum 2
and i immediately say that i wanna watch it!
it just seems so funny, especially the "OOPS" part
i think it's cos of the great animation, and also the funny voice

UP! movie is directed by the directors from...

so i think it'll be a great hit too
i liked ratatouille and finding nemo alot!
well, admittedly, i did not watch monsters inc, and i felt that Toy Story was...so-so

Main Characters:

carl - grumpy old grandpa who goes on an adventure after filling up N number of balloons to lift up his house. what he did not plan was to have russell along with him on the journey

(well, i can imagine the ending being the grandpa saving russell, or having a huge affection for russell)

Russell - the boy scout. i think the website said that he is a "junior wilderness explorer"
but i guess in layman terms, he is a boy scout, who is running job errands
and sadly (or un-sadly), he approached carl, who does not want any help at all
but meeting carl led russell to his biggest adventure of his lifetime, to explore and really experience what it is like to be a wilderness explorer

both characters were intriguing due to their difference in character
carl is grumpy, russell is happy-go-lucky (rhymes eh!)
put them together in a house in the sky, and it'll be funny to see how they live with each other!
but of course, through the trailer, u can tell that carl grows fond of russell
it'll be the grandpa-grandson relationship that he never had

other characters:

dung, the talking dog
he is actually a golden retriever, but he looks too fat to be one to be honest
but overall, he just looks funnily lovable! haha! maybe it is the fatness :P
and he can SPEAK! like human language. because he has a translator at his collar area

russell: can we please please please please keep him? but he is a TALKING DOGGGG!

oh man, i can even memorise the lines :s russell's voice is really very cute, innocent and young!

kevin, a rare and HUGE (13 FOOT) tall flightless bird!
erm, i tried to find the movie poster of him online, but i can't find it! sad...
he is the latest to join the pack in their adventure
and considering how tiny russell is, kevin is REALLY HUGE!
one main thing about him: he has a sweet tooth
well, i can imagine that may get him into quite some trouble during their adventure!

really can't wait to catch this movie!
and you can catch it over the national day weekend too! lonnnnnnng weekend!

UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009!
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