Thursday, July 02, 2009

[back in singapore]

reached singapore yesterday!
really happy to be home, it may be cliche, but really...

there is no place like home.

i got a scare yesterday when my plane touch down late,
and when i went exited to the arrivals hall, my mummmy wasn't there!!
i was quite panic, because my first thought was that,

omg, did she get into a crash or something while driving so early in the morning
and everyone could not contact me because i was on the plane and my phone was off?!

i was seriously worried, and had to borrow hp from mh's mum
cos gh left already with his dad and grandpa

then i found out that my mummy went to the wrong terminal because she did not check.
haiz. i was damn pissed off can, make me worry for nothing
so it was a pretty unpleasant homecoming for awhile, until my pissed-ness wore off
haha, my mummy even had a WELCOME HOME poster pasted on the tv
took photo of it, but will upload it another time

and she cut out an amazing number of h1n1 articles for me to read,
and there is dettol and masks and tissue on my table...

and i'm quarantined. since i just went to UK which is an affected region
also because my mummy dun want me to infect my daddy before he flies off on the 7th
more like he infect me can, he is like coughing away -___-"

guess will spend my time rotating my photos, uploading them, blogging, etc. i think i've like 7gb of photos or something, omg!

and my asus laptop came back ALIVE after breathing singapore air
somehow sweden air does not work for it eh
but i can't connect to the internet
and singnet technical support is pretty useless
but i'm going to call them again later
for now, i'm using mummy's eeepc (which can be considered as mine already)

oh, and i'll spend my time editing my blogskin
i notice that it is down, maybe it's the website, sucks man

yup! anyway, will see everyone after the 7th! :)

to sw: eh, 6th cannot, my mummy on leave, then we going out...can meet anytime after ur work lor! u have short working hrs anyway :P

upcoming events:
- 11th: jl's party
- 19th: pw's party

it's times like this when you really know who's there and who's not,
who's in and who's out, and then u think whether it is really worth all that trying
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