Thursday, June 04, 2009

[start of europe trip]

i'm leaving klostergarden in 2hrs time! :(
quite sad actually :(

i'll miss the nice klostergarden apartment that we've stayed in for 5 months
i'll not miss cleaning up the apartment at the end

all the random stuff
major cleaning in progress
gh cleaning all the difficult to reach areas
it was a MAJOR SPRING CLEANING process
i dun even think i clean my own room in singapore so thoroughly at all!

i'll miss klostergatan fisk which is really SUPER DUPER NICE!
i'll not miss having to scratch brains to think of what to eat for dinner each day

this fish is SUPER DUPER NICE!
we ate klostergatan fisk yesterday!
my second last time! i'll eat it again at the end of the trip when i collect my luggage!

i'll miss the friendliness of the people in lund
i'll not miss the stupidity and laziness of some people here

i'll miss the slack lectures without doing any tutorials
i'll not miss the 50mins walk to sch each day

the bus which ferries us everywhere
but we sometimes still take the bus la
cos too tired to walk

i'll miss wearing winter wear, cos i think it's v chio
i'll not miss freezing to death in the cold when it's snowing

i can't think of what else i'll miss already
but i really feel quite sad to leave this place :(

anyway, i'll be on a hiatus for 1 month cos of travelling
the places that i'm going are...

1) London
2) Paris
3) Geneva
4) Milan
5) Pisa
6) Florence
7) Rome
8) Madrid
9) Dublin
10) Edinburgh
11) Manchester
12) Oxford
13) Cambridge

and then it is back to lund to collect our luggage, stay a night,
and then it's back to singapore on 1ST JULY!

bye everyone! my hiatus starts now!
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