Thursday, June 04, 2009

[pc show 2009]

with the upcoming pc show 2009 on 11 to 14 June,
think lots of people will splurge on laptops, mp3s and accessories (AGAIN)

here is the most important advice:

#1: Get an ASUS laptop!

it's seriously good, even though mine broke down while in sweden
but it has served me well since j1!
and it's small, slim, and light! i think mine was the s5000 model
which is super old, does not have fantastic specs
it still runs on 512mb ram, 50gb harddisk
but sometimes, it really does seem faster, because it's still on xp

oh yes, and do not get an ibm, i'm currently using a second hand one now
and i really loathe it
totally missing my asus laptop and i really want to get a new one!

another reason why u should get an asus: reliability

see article that i got from their website:

ASUS Ranked No.1 in Reliability

Record-setting Score of 972 in RESCUECOM's Computer Reliability Report Puts ASUS More Than 600 Points Ahead of Nearest Competitor

Taipei, Taiwan, March 30, 2009 – ASUS, the leader in PC innovation, quality and design, is now the clear leader in reliability as well, according to the latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report released on March 24, 2009. RESCUECOM assessed the world's top computer manufacturers according to the number of calls made to the RESCUECOM call center vis-à-vis each company's market share, and ASUS far outshone the rest of the field with a disproportionately small number of calls requesting for help with its products. ASUS was awarded a score of 927—a RESCUECOM record—placing it emphatically at the top of the table and prompting RESCUECOM to dub ASUS the "new leader in reliable personal computers".

Position Manufacturer Reliability Score
1 ASUS 972
3 APPLE 324
5 ACER 151

"We are delighted with, but are not surprised by, this result," said Lillian Lin, Director of Marketing, ASUS. "We have invested enormous resources in ensuring that our products are of the highest quality, and that our customers get the best after-sales service possible. We insist on perfection in everything we do—a philosophy that is captured in our new corporate slogan ‘Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection'—and are very pleased to see our efforts reaping dividends in the form of a smooth customer experience." RESCUECOM's PC reliability score takes into account the quality of the components and software used in manufacturing the computers, as well as the after-sales support the manufacturer provides its customers. The calculations are based on data published by market intelligence firm IDC.

yeah, well, look at the shitty rating of every other laptop EXCEPT asus!!

though i'll admit, none of the asus laptop now is currently catching my eye
except for the U6 series...
well, there's a UX series which is even lighter, but the specs are not that great!
it's even more retarded that they say this series is POWERFUL and LIGHT but it weighs 2.36kg
ridiculously heavy!

i dun want a laptop that is more than 1.8kg!

which brings me to my 2nd tip...

#2: consider an MSI!

i've never heard of MSI until digital life reported it as a competitor of asus eeepc
and their latest x slim series looks REALLY NICE!

it is seriously LOVELOVELOVE! :D
light, slim, aesthetic
exactly what i'm looking for!

"The most unique features of the X340 has to be that it is only 6 mm at its thinnest, 20 mm at its widest, and the entire notebook is only weights 1.3 kilograms added with the battery! Making the X340 the world’s lightest and slimmest 13” notebook."

PERFECT! 1.3kg!
well, it actually looks like a macbook air ripoff
but i think it's definitely better
i'll never get use to a mac, so i'll never get a mac
i still prefer the same old windows u know

highly considering this, but i don't wanna betray asus!
i hope they hurry up come up with the PERFECT laptop for me
best is if it has shimmering dark pink surface!
or like maroon-ish or dark purple-lish
i dunno why laptop manufacturing companies dun come up with colours with that!
just come up with something nice, and people will not need to go gmask anymore!

#3: don't buy a laptop from PC Show 2009 at all!

yeah, i just wasted ur time reading the above right...
well, it's for a good reason, because


in my opinion, that is PERFECT! :D

why bother getting a windows vista which is soon to be obsolete once windows 7 is launched
and windows vista has so much problems, and takes up so much space in the computer!
windows 7 is said to will use up to a max of 8gb on ur computer only!
i'm glad i never rode on the windows vista wave, never used it before to be honest
because my asus laptop with xp lasted me long enough :D

some screen shots of Windows 7 that i got from their official website:

improved taskbar

invisible windows
i think this is not very useful for me though :S

display that automatically dims
it's just like a handphone! and it saves battery!

hence, i'm waiting for the NEXT pc show in nov i think, or the NEXT NEXT pc show in march 2010 to get my hands on a new asus laptop (i must be loyal!) with WINDOWS 7!
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