Tuesday, June 02, 2009

[egyptian cuts off penis]

i know this is a few days outdated news
but i just logged onto straits times website and saw it
and totally LOL!

from the website:

Egyptian cuts off penis

QENA (Egypt) - AN EGYPTIAN cut off his own penis on Sunday in protest at his parents' choice of bride, a police official said.
The 25-year-old labourer from the village of Sheikh Eissa in southern Egypt was taken to hospital in stable condition, the official said, adding that the man had also mutilated his testicles.

'He was in love with a woman but his parents rejected her and told him to marry another woman he didn't want. He took a knife and cut off his penis in his room.'

Doctors were unable to reattach the severed member, the official added. -- AFP

hahaha, i mean this is seriously WAY TOOOOOO drastic!
what a stupid way to make his stand/protest again his parents!
so now that he is eunuch, even if his parents let him get his way and marry the woman he love,
the woman may not want him?!

and wad's with the "severed member"
it's funny how they classify this particular anatomy of males as a living personality
member -___-"

i'm sure if someone chop off his ear,
the newspaper will never report it as "unable to reattach the severed member"
it'll just be "unable to reattach his ear" or something like that!

okay, it sounds sadistic to laugh at this
but i honestly, CAN'T HELP IT!
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