Tuesday, June 02, 2009


thanks to everyone for their wishes! :)
love everyone! :)

21. my mummy says it's a milestone in my life
somehow it doesn't feel any different la...
just that well, i'll be able to er, vote?! and play stocks?!
well, that's about it
not as if i never watch r21 film before...haha!

every year i use to count how many birthday wishes i get
i know, it's damn childish and lame
but it's nice to be remembered and pple should know that i like birthday wishes better than presents even

but of course, this year, being MATURE, i shall not do such childish things already

(gh don't believe me, he belives i'm secretly counting)

anyway, at 12 midnight (singapore time) last night,
gh wished me happy birthday! :) he even use internet clock to check
cos he say maybe his watch not accurate
hahaha! it was quite funny, cos i was cooking dinner
then i saw him bouncing out, want to wish me already
but then he hurry up bounce back and see whether he count down the 3, 2, 1 correctly

and i got a surprise opening the letterbox yesterday! :)

guy send one leh ;)
SWAK with many hearts in the front too ;)

hahaha, birthday greetings from swineflu-tokyo!!
and ur presence is everywhere la, on msn/blog/fb! :)

i received my card from my mum some time back
1 week ago i think
think she send very early so that it'll definitely get to me in time!

the words are very gan dong, and she says it's what she really wants to tell me
haha, she made me read it out for my daddy to hear somemore during webcam session
i kinda almost choked on the words actually, but of course, i maintained my composure

thanks to my relatives who wished me too, e-cards and offline msgs
usually they will sms me, but u know, i'm not sms-contactable now

oh, and a special mention to someone who surprised me with a bdae greeting too
i really appreciate it :)
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