Monday, June 01, 2009


i'm turning 21 soon!

gh say i should count down the hours -__-"
not that i am very excited about it u know
it just means getting old!

Countdown to 21:
Singapore time: 20hr 10mins
Sweden time: 28hrs 10mins

hahaha! i bet i'm the only retarded person who does this!

anyway, i just wanted to talk about nuffnang
how come it seems like i'm not paid for the ads?
yeah i know not many people click
but like the NFC advert and Canon IXUS 100 IS advert...
it still does not appear in my nuffnang account! or is it because the campaign is still running?

and there's this mint ad that i din catch it on my blog at all, but i was paid for that
not complaining about it though :P

haiz, it's quite weird

but never mind, i hope i win the gss contest :D
it's 2 entries back, about singaporeans dressing badly, go read! :)
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