Friday, May 29, 2009

[twitter tweet tweet!]

there's so little people i know on twitter!
like the only person i really know on twitter is nina?

hence, i shall promote twitter to everyone :D

i first heard about twitter when there was this 'war' between cnn vs ashton kutcher
of who can reach 1 million followers first

see article here:

yeah, i did not sign up at that point la, because i was busy travelling :D
but now, since it is exam time, and it is so boring, and sometimes facebook never updates for god knows why (i'm quite sure pple got update what!)

so i decided to sign up for twitter :D

people say that twitter is kind of like microblogging
it is also kind of like facebook status updates

well, my first thought of twitter was that... it's kind of like gossip girl eh!
if only updates can be sent to our phones!

haha, there's really a gossip girl page there though
dunno who's writing or what, but ah well, very gossip girl styled!

and there is also the real gossip girl on twitter too!

yups! blair!
yeah well, i din know she's so 'liking her body' eh...
about her sunbathing naked etc... :s

i tried to find blake lively, but dun have leh!
there is also little j there, but i'm lazy to print screen her
she not v interesting in twitter anyway...

there's like a whole lot of celebs on twitter

well, they quite free eh!
but it's quite funny to see their updates

bloggers on twitter

if u dun wanna follow people, u can follow news too
like channelnewsasia... which i'm following
so i know when there is 1 swine flu case in singapore, 4 swine flu cases in singapore, etc.
easier than i go to straits times website to check and check, troublesome u know -____-"

you can update your tweets through web, sms, etc. got iphone applications and blackberry applications too, but sadly, i've none :(

and no, u dun have to pay to update via sms
just sign up with some local number!

to update twitter via local sms:
apparently can update via msn also la... : see here!

but i dunno why i can't apply for the msn thingie
i tried asking, but i receive no reply also!

yups well, can't wait to get back to singapore and use my handphone to update!

if u've twitter, add me!
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