Wednesday, May 06, 2009

[swine flu maid]

with swine flu 'attacking' many countries,
though it is mainly striking north american countries,
we need to be prepared!
and being prepared is definitely not kiasu or overreacting
i think the angmoh countries like the mexico embassy needs to wake up their ideas

Read about the mexico embassy article here:,mexican-embassy-objects-visa-requirements-in-singapore.html

i dun wanna get quarantined when i come back!!

to date, people coming back from mexico are by law required to be quarantined,
and people coming back from usa and canada are advised to be quarantined

and i really really do hope that it doesn't get widespread in europe
though according to bj, he says that WHO experts say it'll hit europe worst
cannotttttttttttt! must after my final trip then hit!

Swine Flu Prevention Tips:

TIP #1
Carry hand sanitiser everywhere, spray on everything that you touch on, meaning tables, chairs, keyboards, mouse, textbook1, textbook2, textbook3, etc.

TIP #2
Have a thermal scanner with you always.
so that u can scan the public, see who lights up in red, and u should stay 10 km away from them. AT LEAST 10km.

TIP #3
Dun invite people to your house. If there needs to be a gathering, make sure they arrive 1hr earlier to go through thermometer scanning and disinfection session. oh, and remind them to bring their passport so you can check which countries they have been to recently. else, GET OUT!

TIP #4
Hire a swine flu maid, equipped with techniques on how to completely disinfect your house. an example of how one looks like is as follows:

high rates for a safe and clean home
you decide whether it is worth it

a swine flu maid should be equipped with:


however, this current one is being booked by a certain ms SJLT for quite some time



okay, that's the end of the tips.
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