Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[stop por-ing angmohs!]

people of singapore who are thinking of migrating
or likes to suck up to angmohs...


they sux man.

i also used to think they are damn nice, gentlemanly, rich, smart, handsome etc.

after today's meeting, i think they may be rich,
but they are downright STUPID.or lazy.

we had to submit this 5 page report (okay, max 5 pages) for this mod
and gh and i did 3 pages already before we left for warsaw
and today we had meeting, in which 2 members did not turn up

1st member from france: he had another meeting suddenly. what a wonderful excuse. u jolly well push that away! else SMS me! why does he think i read my emails in the morning?!

2nd member from sweden: he stays in that house, and i believe he is at home, just not in attendance for the meeting. probably had sex too much the previous night or smthg. we noticed this girl's sweater on the dining room seat.

so the meeting was the two of us, plus one swede.

and after 15mins of stoning, he finally sent us what he and the other one did for the 2nd question

and it was only ONE PARA long. and that ONE PARA din even cover one quarter of a page.
it was a mere few lines to be honest.


before he sent us that part, he still add in a disclaimer...

"it is pretty short, we just wrote what we could. i see that u two seem to know alot about the company based on the first question, perhaps i can send it to you and we can work on it with your expertise"

pretty short.


and what expertise?
have i worked in d.aimler before? u think i know about the company ar?
there's such a thing called GOOGLE that exist in this world today

i'm so tempted to curse and swear at them.
even now. i'm still horribly pissed off.

then the whole meeting was basically me and gh discussing and trying to lengthen the thingie
and when we ask his opinion like why he choose this strategy...

"cos we think it is the best"

stupid answer.
JUSTIFY IT LA! well, he did try to, but he din justify ALL of it
if i was in a very debating mode, i'd have shot him down

that stupid balding guy.

in that ONE PARA that they wrote, there were so many sweeping statements, no references at all. how can that be?! have they done a report before?! or is this the way the lecturers accept it?! i thought the sch is very stringent on palgarism?!

and then his friend came, and they started talking in swedish, blah blah
and he keep talking on the phone
no contribution at all
he keep staring at his laptop, dunno what he doing though

probably surfing porn.

then i started talking to gh in chinese
let them know how it feels to be speaking in a foreign language in front of others
cos usually, u do that to badmouth people
and i was badmouthing him
i was telling gh that we should leave cos this is not productive and i'm damn irritated

should have talked more in chinese and annoy the hell outta him.

and so the report ended in 4.5pages, out of which alot were footnotes, cos we really really couldn't think of anything else to crap out already. and it was a 2-person work, not a group work

i'm so pissed off that i feel like asking the teacher to strike them off the group
not like i've to maintain any good relations with them
i'm leaving lund in 17 days already

they obviously dun seem to care whether they pass anot
or perhaps they do with us cos they know we'll do the work and it wun be a rotten piece of work?

in fact, i've no idea how they pass their other modules
they come to class bringing their body (without brain), cigarettes, and snuff to lick and get high
or maybe they are some rich shit whose father owns some company and they dun really have to get a good degree to get a job

to people who keep saying they wanna get outta singapore, it has so many rules, boring, etc.
it's just a symptom of "the grass is greener on the other side"
in this case, it should be "the grass SEEMS to be greener on the other side"

cos it's not.

u need to like stay in a country for awhile to find out how much it sucks.
not like a tour, go there a few days, see some amazing sights, and think that it is damn great

cos it's not.

rules are nothing bad, better than the whole place in havoc, etc.
and at least singapore doesn't have any natural disasters
and the city is clean, though i know people still spit and stuff
but it's definitely better than over here, with spit everywhere, grafitti everywhere,
though admittedly, lund is not that bad, i pretty like it here as compared to other cities i visited
but warsaw is cleaner actually

of course, i also got complain about singapore when i'm in singapore
because complaining is what singaporeans too
but at the end of the day, it is still a really fine country.

call me the patriot :D

with so much bad comments,
i've to balance it out abit with, the swedes are really very nice and friendly people.
friendlier than people in singapore, and also in other european countries
like when u go to a supermarket, being greeted with a "heyhey" by the cashiers, bright smiles, etc. and when we ask for directions, they are really friendly!

and it's like, i haven really met one unfriendly swede who refused to help us in anyway

conclusion: stupid and friendly... is that a good combi?
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