Friday, May 22, 2009

[new blogskin + packing]

i've changed my blogskin yet again! :)

actually i'm getting pretty bored of flash
i wanted to get rid of the front part actually...
and just let the MAIN part appear, which is the colourful section

but i did this quite some time ago already
and because i'm using the trial version of macromedia flash
it has expired :( cos there's only a 30day trial period
which means i can't edit it unless i download it again

yeah, i know the butterfly part is not very smooth
i was too lazy to edit it at that time
told u i was getting bored of flash...

check out my travel blog skin too :)

anyway, there is like 13 days left in lund
before the 26days of travelling

and i'm proud to announce that i've FINISHED PACKING! :D
well, almost la, except for some stuff which i'm still using so i can't pack them yet

the big mess with the big suitcase

yayyyy! done!
i think i'm a very efficient packer
and i quite like to pack eh
there's a sense of achievement in squeezing everything into the luggage

haha, yeah, i know, it's an odd sense of achievement
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