Wednesday, May 20, 2009

[missing singapore food]

being in lund sweden for close to 5 months already,
and despite being armed with many paste of local food,
i still miss singapore food! :(

List of things i'll eat when i come back:

1) mummy's bee hoon/ mee sua soup
- freaking nice can
- unbeatable, even though i tried to cook it too

2) NUS Arts Canteen Yong Tau Foo Laksa
- my staple food whenever i'm in school
- i miss the flippy floppy fishpaste thingie! i always take 3 of them!

3) Salted Egg Crab from Serangoon Ave 2

- it is very nice! and it is just 18bucks! for a pretty large crab, though not 1kg
- their butter crab and chilli crab is not bad too! next time i'll try even more!

4) 328 katong laksa / marine parade hawker laksa
- both also very nice la, can't decide which one i miss more
- only thing is that it is v far from my hse :(

5) mummy's tofu eggs
- well, actually i manage to cook it in sweden
- but tofu cost 3sgd here! CRAZYYYYY!

6) manhattan's fish market's FLAMING grilled prawns
- omg, my favourite!
- totally beats fish & co!

7) the fish place which jj says she'll bring me :D

8) Stingray set lunch at AMK Central S11 (outside jubilee)
- wah, totally value for money la!
- $4.50 for stingray plus rice plus some beans/veg thingie
- perhaps it'll have died out due to the recession? :s

9) Qiu Lian Ban Mian
- haven eaten this for sooooo long!
- used to like eat it very regularly!

10) Fried Hokkien Mee from AMK Ave 4 temporary market
- nice nice nice! though not very traditional!
- the bbq satay/chicken wing that they sell also v nice!

oh man :(
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