Sunday, May 24, 2009

[looked down]

i've finally updated my photoblog!
haha, amazing right!
haven add captions yet
but actually there are captions if u put ur mouse over the picture
yeah, i'll add them when i'm bored
which i will be, cos exams are coming, and studying for exams is super boring...

yesterday during dinner, i found out that
some HONGKONG people look down on singaporeans' english
cos we speak singlish and stuff


i was seriously SHOCKED BEYOND WORDS!

i mean, for example, if u're from china, and u look down on singaporeans' chinese,
okay la, nothing to complain about what, i'm positive that majority of us cannot match up to them

but hongkong looking down on our english?!?!?

yeah, we do speak in singlish, but our english is freaking good can!
it's our choice whether to speak in singlish anot, but if we're required to write or speak in perfect english, we definitely can!

apparently, they place alot of emphasis on intonation, which we do not do so
like for them,

INcrease and inCREASE is different
one is a verb, another is a noun or something


dunno how geez tahan it man, i'll be damn annoyed la!
haha, a funny incident he told us was when he was helping out in bartendering (for fun),
and there's this guy who came up to the hongkong people and ask them for cutlery
and they couldn't understand what's CUTLERY


whose english is worse now man!

cutlery -__-"
i bet a primary 1 kid even knows that pls...

when we were travelling, sometimes, the angmohs will look down on us
like when i was in vienna, and i asked about the train schedule to the airport,
the guy thought i cannot understand what he meant by 3.45pm, and he kept pointing to his watch and stuff

idiot, my english is not that bad can!

but u know, i feel more insulted that people from hongkong actually look down on our english!

UGH! stop looking down on singaporeans!
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