Saturday, May 23, 2009

[early 21st]

yesterday i had an early 21st birthday dinner! :)
it is 11days early actually, but it's okay la
because we're having exams soon
on 3rd june in fact -___-"

gh locked me in the room for 2 days so he could prepare all this
pink and white balloons :)
haha, apparently he cut the words out until his hand v pain

geez special sauce fish
basically he bought some sauce, and he added more sauce and he baked it
and we all thought he put mayo, but he say dun have :S

mh's veg with TANGHOON and also herbal soup
good thing she brought her pot over
cos our pot confirm cannot fit in those long herbs! :S

and gh cooked chilli crab PINCERS! :D
it was like only pincers can!
haha, he thought he v secretive about it, but i already guessed it lor
cos when we went to eat at klostergatan fisk, he went to pay the bill,
then he took v long, so i turn around and notice that he was talking to the cashier and pointing to the food on display
then i guessed it already

then he say i could have thought that he was flirting with the cashier what!


flirt lor.

gh's painstaking b-dae cake
it was supposed to be icecream with choc sponge cake
but apparently video jug cheated him and simplified the recipe too much
never show him the important parts of how to make
end up his sponge cake sank

so he converted into megabites' megamud
like icecream brownie
yeah, but the brownie got frozen in the fridge, so it became like biscuit :s

yayyy! :) thanks everyone for the dinner!

that was obvious posing
because the cake was too hard!
i cannot cut through :(

some group pics :)

happy early 21st to me :)
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