Friday, April 03, 2009

[sunny sunny lund]

have been a bit lazy to blog these days
working on my new blogskin
actually i finish already, but not going to change yet
wait awhile more then change ba

it has been bright and sunny in lund recently! :D
happy happy! but the 2nd term has started
project management seems like it is going to be a hiong course
the exam involves like 2 essays of 1200words each, plus a written exam
and the international business course has a 3 part exam too
shocking, considering it is taught by the slacker lars
but i guess overall, it'll still be quite slack!

project management 1st essay due on 9th april though
have been SUPER DUPER lazy to do! need to finish before we go kiruna!
it is pair work, so do with gh lor
i aim to finish it tml... :s

oh yes, and since exam has ended, we FINALLY decided to eat our haagen dasz!

finally opened haagen dazs! but the b&j cookie dough is MUCH nicer!
we bought it since like january?!
but 'bu she de' eat u know...
yeah, we've eaten it for 3 days le, but still haven finish yet
anyway, i think b&j's cookie dough is much nicer
the haagen dazs one, the cookie is like a lump of SALT!
but okay la, still can eat
and it's much cheaper than singapore

have been exploring more of lund recently
went to visit willy's which is really quite big but not say v cheap
it is slightly cheaper than ica la
but not worth my trip there, so far away la!
then when walking from willy's to sch, we saw

we saw horses!

which explained why along the roads, there were big blobs of shit la
yuan lai it is horse shit

going out to walk around lund!
shades are a necessity in lund
the sun is just so piercing! like omg :s
even the grannies here also wear shades!

there is like a circus happening like just 2 streets from klostergarden
i was so tempted to go :(
haiz! but it cost 200sek
then we went ica, couldn't find the place to buy tickets leh
so sian diao la, decided not to go
and to save for other things :(

went to check out the iceskating ring that mel told us about too
sadly when we went at night, there was like nobody at the counter!
but there were pple skating, but no place to rent skates!
i checked the website and technically it should be 30kr for entrance fee, 40kr for skates rental
but it seems like if u've ur own pair of skates, it is free at night?!
cos no one to collect your money

hmm, dunno, will go and check it out again

the iceskating ring in the icehall is like half the size of the one in jurong
they have a bigger one, but it is used for icehockey training
oh and the icehall is DAMN SMELLY LA!

must be from all the icehockey guys
bloody stink to the MAX!

anyway, more sunny pictures...

erm, we saw a duck
we saw a duck -__-"

everyone just enjoying the sun
bright and sunny so everyone were sitting around grass patches
many kids playing in the park
everyone just basking and playing in the sun
like it is so uncommon to have a sunny day :s
they just lie on the grass patch and sit around at the market square

flowers everywhere
nice flowers
and there are also nice flowers sprouting out everywhere! :)
i'm going to buy seeds and grow flowers :D

seriously. not joking u know.

going to go there soon!
it cost 120sek per hour per lane, not so bad la
we also went to visit the bowling hall!
which is pretty near the train station just that we din know how to walk
end up walking a SUPER DUPER OMG LONG WAY!
yup, it cost 120sek per hour per lane, 10sek for shoes rental
we never go and play though, need to find more pple then go :D
finally some entertainment in lund
how come they dun have like pool/billiard/arcade/something?!?!?

and as we were eating dinner today, we saw this:

perhaps they rehearsing for their national day in june
we saw this from outside our window!
it's a hot air balloon!
another hot air balloon!
looks ugly though
hot air balloons!
the flower one looks disgustingly disgusting though

recently, i've also baked some stuff

peanut butter cookies
peanut butter cookies! :D

muffins! :D i should have put more bananas
and banana muffins with nuts! :D
not bad la, should have put more bananas though

i shall bake more after we come back to kiruna
project cooking! :D

i shall continue slacking around now :P
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