Thursday, April 09, 2009


kiruna 5th april to 7th april 09

i'm back from kiruna!!
and loaded with like 345pics and 7 videos
hahaha! amazing hor!

the journey started by meeting at the train station
where we took a cab to malmo airport
the cabs have fixed prices to malmo airport, so we went to survey many cabs before this
to find out which one was the cheapest
the price REALLY VARIES!
the cheapest we found is Taxi M Lund (12 12 12) which cost 319sek to malmo airport, and 349 sek from malmo airport back to lund

malmo airport is by far the smallest and most empty airport i've ever seen
perhaps it's a domestic airport that is why
but there was hardly anyone, and we had to do automatic check in
which was surprisingly super easy to do!
just one flaw with it: it does not allow u to check and confirm
like when u choose the seats, after u click 4 seats, it immediately go to the next page! so even if u choose wrongly... too bad man!

we were there pretty early, kiasu singaporeans u know
must check in 2hrs before time de
so we kinda stone around, checked out the ONE dutyfree shop
and did sudoku from the swedish newspapers
yeah, but we got stuck at one point and decided that we sian already

and soon, the plane arrive!
taking SAS to kiruna, but it transits in stockholm
cost 2061sek for youth
which i feel is super worth it as compared to a train
cos the train takes 23hrs from lund to kiruna?!
that is like CRAZY! i can fly back to singapore and fly to china and fly back to singapore again and it'll amount to the same time!

transiting at stockholm arlanda airport
which is a big international airport
though of course not as nice as changi airport
but it is still much better than malmo
malmo to stockholm took 1hr only
ate macs because it is like one of the cheapest things there
then talk for abit in macs, the difference between france and singapore
abu thought that singapore is a big place cos many people know about it
but i told him that u can barely see it on the world map
and he is also stunned that gh went thru army and hold a live grenade before

after a 2hr wait, we finally head towards kiruna!

it was a 1.5hr flight, fast right!
even though we had to walk from the plane to the tiny airport,
but it was not that bad actually, not that cold
maybe cos i wore sufficient clothing la
then we went to pick up our car at hertz
gh v sad that we never get a volvo, haha
cos on the website, it says volvo s40 or similar
yeah well, end up get a ford mondeo
and i like the colour! :P

headed for our youth hostel at Yellowhouse
which was seriously bloody difficult to find
all the general highway signs are fine and easy to see
but the street signs are like sucky?! they just put it on the house!
so difficult to see at night la! :(
and Yellowhouse should be painted a more significant yellow colour okay
maybe like the pooh bear colour will be perfect :D
cos there's like so many yellow houses around...

then after having bread for dinner, we headed to the nearby mountain luossavaara to hopefully see the northern lights
but it was like too bright despite the night sky being pretty clear with little clouds
but the moon looked super nice too, v round and like got a rainbow around it
but yeah, no northern lights so i was quite sad :(

then the next day, we headed for our combi tour of snowmobile and dog sled!
from! which i think it was like the cheapest?! found it by chance
a combi tour of snowmobile and dog sled cost 800sek! well, it is actually like 895, but students have 10% discount. not that they checked our id whether we were students... but i dunno, haha, maybe we seem student-ish

i initially thought camp alta was the cheapest, with 750sek snowmobile tour to see northern lights. but well, that is ONLY snowmobile leh!

so we got suited up and i looked like a puffed up shorty!!!
cannot find the right size leh, so anything will do la
even my shoes were too big and it was SUPER heavy!
gh kept playing with the dogs lor
he say wanna make his sister jealous
i got 2 words for him man: WU LIAO :P

so me and gh went on the dogsled first while abu and reda took the snowmobile
the guide told us how to ride on the dogsled

it was a relaxing ride seriously
no need to do anything, just look the the trails of white
actually, it's abit boring if it was too long (which it wasn't)
because there's no scenery?! it's just white mountains, that's it
however, when going through bumps, wah lau, it is super bumpy and painful on the ass!
haha, until today, gh's back still pain from it la!
and dogs keep shitting and peeing while running
their multi-tasking skills are quite fantastic
and because of this, i kept making gh sit in front :P
shield me from the shit

we finally arrive at the campsite where we had coffee and cake
dunno what cake la, it's like some sweet orhne orhne u know
it was nice and warm inside with the fire and the reindeer skins

then we headed off for the snowmobile ride!
haha, there was a speedometer and gh say he wanna hit 120km/h

the guide taught us how to drive a snowmobile before that
and he kept using the word "throttle" -___-"
*rolls eyes*
must use THROTTLE
still use FULL THROTTLE wth lor
totally sounds like topgear
had to ask gh to translate to layman terms... which = accelerate

so he drove for half the way and i drove for the other half
wah, my arms were super aching la! how do motorcyclist take it man!
have to keep spreading ur arms so wide!
my hand kept sliding off the THROTTLE because my arm was super tired :P
yeah, apparently gh say i went v fast la...amazingly :P
hahah! it was quite scary to go up the patch of ice lor
i thought i'll fall or smthg!

so after the tour we headed back to the hostel for lunch
bought pizza to microwave and supplement it with maggi porridge that gh brought
and it was SUPER DUPER nice la!!!! it's like maggie mee, porridge style

after abit of resting, we headed off for the ice hotel!

it actually cost 175sek for students
but dunno how come it became 85sek for students now
perhaps cos the ice hotel is melting soon...

anyway, i was kind of disappointed with the ice hotel
i expected an ice PALACE

like a castle u know! like those fairytale thingie?!
end up it looks like a tiny igloo... haiz!
i think i had too high expectations of it already :(

we did not go for the icehotel tour, cos, no need la, we just walk ourselves, and take many many many photos lor
it was quite slippery! i was like sliding around :S
and my toes were super frozen because my boots were not waterproof

first stop: icebar

we bought non-alcoholic drinks for 50sek
i shared with gh, so it's like 5sgd each
freaking ex for that small tiny thing
it's just the opportunity to drink from an ice cup lor!
but okay la, considering our ticket price so cheap :P

took an amazing number of photos there
and the french pple started dancing too! hahaha!

then after spending dunno how long in the icebar,
we headed towards the suites and exhibits

most were very pretty, but it was difficult to take photo leh :(
i need some damn good camera la... :(
but overall, not bad la... only some exhibits though
subsequently, it keeps repeating itself

so after the icehotel tour, we headed back to Yellowhouse again
and kind of rest and bathe and had dinner
maggie mee for dinner, my favourite freaking cheap food :D

then we drove to abisko, which was a super long journey (1hr drive)
well, i just slept la, i like to sleep in cars
had to make up for the lack of sleep the previous nights
i was bombarded by too much snoring that i could not sleep! :(:(

anyway, it was another major disappointment :(
no northern lights! haiz, sad sad sad
and we din really know where to go also
haiz, sad la, huge disappointment

and so the next day, we headed back already

overall, it was an okay trip, i wanted to do more things actually
to go to the city and walk about and see the kiruna church
to see the moose farm and etc.

and of course the northern lights were a major pity. :(

i hope to go back there again soon
like before i'm 26yrsold. cos 20 to 25yrsold got youth tickets on SAS mah
hahaha! then can like take sq from singapore to stockholm
go stockholm to walk walk, then take SAS to kiruna
sounds like a perfect plan eh!

i just need to go and earn money first :S
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