Wednesday, April 22, 2009

[flying away again]

yayyyyyyyy! i'm going for my 10 day trip tml!
going to budapest, vienna, brussels, amsterdam!
i can't wait for it! we even got our whole itinery planned out! :D perfect!

lund has been sunny these days
but there's still this cold wind?! haiz, so still have to wear jacket lor

main university building
picture of the main university building

artistic shot
finally the fountain is operating because it is not winter anymore!

finally see very expensive car in sweden
a very expensive number plate in singapore
finally saw an expensive car in sweden
with a 88888888888888888888888 number plate

and we finally bought our waffle cones!

our icecream set, we just lack the icecreamp scoop
complete icecream set, except for the icecream scoop :(

oh yes, shall post some of my recent food :D

done! nice nice!
nice banana cake!

it's not bad, need abit of improvement :D
spaghetti cabonara!
need to improve abit, but okay la, abit unhealthy though

chicken rice!
chicken rice!
the prima taste packet rocks man!

yeah, well, contrary to the belief that i have gained weight,
and also that my face is getting rounder,
which even my grandma said so :( ...

i've lost weight, lost too much as a matter of fact
it's like i'm 42.5kg now?! yeah, i dropped like 5kg+ i think, omg :S
and no, the weighing scale is not broken

okay, i going to deliver my flower (WHICH HAS BLOOMED!!!!) to geez,
and continue packing for tml! need to set off early!
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