Friday, April 10, 2009

[dinner at klostergarden]

tried to force myself to wake up earlier today cos there were many things to do
which includes making pancake for breakfast, blogging about kiruna, and STUDYING project management
stupid project management, how come so early i need to study already ar... irritating!

then went out after lunch to go Tiger and also to walk around town abit
haha, i have balloons for bdae le :p
okay, that was so random


weather has become great :) spring!
so we can just wear shortsleeve and jacket and walk out le

came back continue mugging, and i still haven finished btw
then started cooking for tonight's dinner!

finally mel eunice gilbert came before we died of hunger...
haha! yup, then had dinner lor, quite alot of food, just that i dun eat the pork
and mel ate all the green thingie

i din eat the pork part
our dinner

had paper mahjong after that and apple crumble

paper mahjong
gilbert not in the picture
apple crumble, not bad but too floury

quite alot of food so ended up playing game to finish it
i think me and eunice kanna the most can
though i believe eunice worse :P
haha, gh also abit la

ah, so tired now! tml got many things to do! 2 projects to do :(

despite it being quite long already,
i still dunno how to respond when pple ask -how long-
feels quite sad actually, the lack of celebration and joy
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