Friday, April 17, 2009

[cycling trip to ikea]

today gh and i did a very stupid/strenous thing
we cycled from lund to malmo ikea
which according to google maps is about 16.7km
but i think we cycled way more than that, cos of the bloody wind

sian, who ask us nothing better to do, end up go rent a bike and cycle

feeling excited about cycling trip (INITIALLY)
we left house at about 10+
feeling pretty excited about cycling
walked to the bicycle rental shop at the train station
and got the bikes for 20kr per person for a day

and omg, i found it so hard to cycle!
i'm like so use to kicking off on the right pedal, but i can't kick up the right pedal for the bike leh! omg!
yuan lai even the bikes are "left hand drive"
ugh, i took awhile to kinda get used to it
basically, i wheeled the bike until the right pedal is upwards then i cycle off
so tedious right, haiz, sux man :(

finally getting used to the bicycle
my hair quite long eh! but it kepts blowing away!
i'm like slowly getting used to the bike already!
and we're heading back to the apartment to take our sandwich and bags
because malmo is along the way anyway

so we went upstairs, got the stuff, suited up more because it was pretty cold cos of the wind, and started to cycle off

but! gh's bike seat got problem! so end up, he cycled back to the shop to adjust it while i cycled around klostergarden

and almost crash into a tree.
because the wind blew me to it.

OMG!!! it was damn scary can!
like the bloody wind so strong that it pushed me and the bike!!!!

well, after a long while, gh finally came back, and died at the playground
cos he say upslope then super tiring!
so we ended up...

going back to klostergarden -___-"

locking the bike
gh totally worn out cos he cycled back to the bicycle shop to change his bicycle seat, apparently uphill all the way :S
ended up eating lunch at home lor

then! we bravely set out again!

my innovative invention to put my directions, but it got blown away
innovative hor! i copied the directions from google maps
then somehow attached it to my bicycle
but after cycling for like 100m

IT FLEW AWAY!!!!!! the wind was too strong!!!
but gh helped me to pick it up la

omg, the wind :s
it's like AMAZING!
in a bad way

i was like screaming while cycling because the wind keep blowing me to the right!
omg, i dun wanna die can :(

struggling against the wind
i'm really trying my best lor
the open areas are like insanely windy
omg, i dunno how other pple do it man!

totally worn out
half dead

still alive

i spent like half my time cycling and half my time wheeling the bike
because sometimes wind v strong, i just wheel it even faster
even though the bike is DAMN HEAVY LA!

and finally after 2+hrs, we reached our destination!!! :D

we FINALLY reach ikea!
after like 2+++hrs

well, kind of
still need to overcome this steep slope first

i died cycling up the slope
the slope is v steep can...
i was totally like... "WO BU XING LE!"

and we finally reached ikea and treated ourselve to some dessert

which was totally not fantastic
but it was not fantastic

and we finally bought our weighing scale there!
that was the main aim of going all the way there, and it was super not worth it
even though it costs 39kr
cos the one at Tiger cost 100kr la, then like v ex leh, but it's electronic la

then subsequently, we decided to cycle back to malmo central
though we kinda pushed our bikes nearing the central
which was a GOOD THING!
because there was a junction where there were MANY MANY MANY pple getting booked by police for cycling on the pavement!
stupid leh those locals!

yeah, and we finally made it to the train station, can came back to lund
and returned the stupid bicycle

stupid weighing scale which we went all the way to malmo ikea for
stupid weighing scale

anyway, this weighing scale is SUPER NOT worth it!


cost of 2 bikes = 40kr
cost of normal weighing scale = 39kr
cost of train ticket to lund for us = 60kr
cost of train ticket to lund for BICYCLE = 40kr
total cost: 179kr

cost of electronic weighing scale in Tiger = 100kr

damn tired la! :(
i think we cycled like 50km (inclusive of wind resistance)

next time, i'll always take the bus or train
what bicycle lor
i seriously dunno how others do it
and how geez can cycle to ikea and BACK la!
though he got caught cycling on the expressway la, hahaha!
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