Sunday, April 12, 2009

[boring lund]

it was the weekend of easter
and sadly we were in town cos, well, just din go travelling

and it was like a DEAD TOWN!

pc shop was closed.
resturants were closed.
all shops were closed

dead town with few people around
there was practically no one on the streets

the only few places that were open was the supermarkets
so we ended up in hemkop

only the supermarkets were open
cos i saw that vienetta was selling at 12.95sek only!! :D cheap cheap la!

anyway, at hemkop, we were walking and
i fell down :(
and gh laughed at me after helping me up :(
so sad right! haiz

i also dunno why i fell down la, i just did
and now i got like a bruise on my knee and on my ass :(
and i cannot sleep on my left hand side
haiz, so retarded lor

then after that nothing better to do
when walking home, decided to court death and jump on the railway track

decided to do something exciting, end up we run onto railway track to take photo!

haha, but actually, it was an abandoned track near klostergarden la

haha, no la, it's an abandoned track
it was quite windy also, abit cold cos never wear much

anyway, sunset in lund is getting later and later
at about 8+ then it becomes dark
but during the sunset moment, it's really very pretty!
cos it's like the sun illuminates the sky and the WHOLE SKY looks like a rainbow
it's not just A rainbow
it's a whole sky in the shades of rainbow!

beautiful sunset
actually the whole sky was lighted up in a RAINBOW, can distinctively see the colours, but i couldn't capture it
sadly, my camera couldn't capture it
there was seriously like indigo, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple colour!!

then because it was easter sunday night
the church bells kept chiming and there were fireworks at our window!!!

there were fireworks cos it was easter sunday
tried ot use fireworks mode on my camera to take, but hand abit shaky la
a better fireworks pic
tried to use fireworks mode on my camera to take picture
but then my hand keep shaking leh!
only the last pic not that bad!
well, it was just a bit of fireworks la, not as grand as singapore's ndp

okay, it's time to cook lunch
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