Friday, March 06, 2009


we went to Netto after dinner today

suddenly, there was a huge wind which kept blowing at us!
just like a hurricane!

tracy: omg! i'm going to be blown awayyyyyyyyyyy!

(obviously i was not carrying an umbrella -__-" just a pic to illustrate)

-gh holds on to the belt of my winter jacket-

gh: don't worry! i will hold on to u, so when u're blown away, i can fly kite!

win le lor...he thinks i'm the kite...

imagine the girl as the kite... oh man :(

tracy: normally pple will say that "i hold on to u so u wun fly away from me!"


haha, but it was quite a classic sentence la :P

i'm sure no one else will be able to think of that :P
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