Monday, March 02, 2009


okay, this is gonna be ANOTHER food post :P

we finally decided to eat our tofu that we bought from the asian supermarket!
not cos we really wanted to eat tofu la, but because it was gonna expire already!
the tofu v ex can, sgd3 leh! so we v bu she de eat u know
mummy says this tofu cost like sgd 0.70 in singapore!! :(

our precious tofu which cost sgd3
from singapore!
very expensive tofu from singapore

gh was gonna make his steamed egg with tofu,
and i was gonna make mummy's fried tofu eggs
mummy created that recipe de :D haha, she just anyhow mix everything and fry
but it's very nice when she cook!
family members should know right?
and also zh, jj, elyn i think, they got come my house and eat before
rk only WATCHED us eat, because got onion inside, then he cannot eat lor
wasted man :P

yeah, anyway, so i shall attempt it lor

gh's portion of the tofu

tracy's portion

looking pro hor
looks pro hor! :D

my nicely cut tofu
nicely chopped tofu :P

gh steaming, me frying

tofu eggs! - mummy's creation!
tofu eggs!
lacks abit of colour because dun have spring onions la
but still, not bad eh! :D
but i think i should have put one more egg

our two tofu dishes!
tadah! steam and fried!

okay, i waiting for meeting to start now
good thing it is at our place cos it is like raining?
which equals super cold!
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