Sunday, March 29, 2009

[relaxing after exams]

finally exams are over!
well, actually it is EXAM no s u know
and then, it's like i din study that hard for it before the exam

the day before the exam, i was playing:

and waffle mania on mini clips

hahaha, amazing hor, i usually dun play games de
but then sian leh, nothing to do
then i want those game is like got level one, look cute one, and cannot kill pple one
yeah, so many criteria hor
gh find game for me find until v jia lat :P

anyway, i went into the exam hall feeling cocky
i sat in the exam hall feeling cocky
and i left the exam hall feeling cocky


sian, why nus cannot give me such a feeling
i was damn confident of passing leh
it's like just memorise, then walk in, and puke out everything
puke until happy, then walk out

then after exam, mh, xh and geez came over for dinner!
and then we had mahjong after that

egg shell mahjong!
newly invented egg shell mahjong


but end up, we still prefer the paper mahjong la
haha, more exciting
and less dirty

yay, happy mahjong pple

then geez went back to dota la
while we continue playing till 11
then decided to go geez's place to annoy him :P

haha, we went to his room to make fun of him
sian diao geez in his very fishy room

geez bought a dumb bell in sweden just to keep fit :S
and he still bought a dumb bell to keep fit

group photo at geez's place
yayy! :)

then the next day, woke up late,
then headed for the train station to meet mh

we stay in one of the blocks behind
relaxing people after exams
oh yes, we stay in one of the blocks behind

walking towards train station, about 15mins walk
it's not really that long to the train station
about 15mins can reach already

haha, gh's car
haha, gh's car
cgh mah...if it was cgh 101, i'd have died laughing :P

i think this is some sports complex
there is also a sports complex near our place
got once, there was fireworks and we could see it in our window!
but only gh managed to see, i din run to the window in time :(

good weather
at the crossroads of the park
need to cross a park to walk to the train station
short cut la, rather than walk the long (but cleaner) path outside

signs of spring
signs of spring!
but i think spring is like never coming la
dunno when then the temperature will become double degrees

view from the train station
pizza ciao ciao closed during lunch! dunno how come! :(
and we met mh at pizza ciao ciao in hope of eating cheap and nice fungi pizza
but, DUN HAVE! dunno why it was closed la! stunned lor

end up we went to klostergatan fisk to eat
and it was a more ex menu as it was weekend :(

my fish and seashells soup with alot of tomatoes
my fish and seashell chilli soup with lots of tomatoes

grilled tuna, they say it taste like chicken
gh's and mh's grilled tuna with potatoes
mh said it tasted like chicken though

klostergatan fisk is ex during weekends :(
ex hor :(

then we took bus 5 towards nova lund
but not going nova lund la
it was cos we wanted to check out the shurgard storage there
it is not very expensive actually

shurgard storage

for a 1.5m2 area and 3m height,
it costs like:
569sek for the space
295sek for transaction fee
75sek for insurance

yup, so it adds up to about 60sgd per person
and the area is really quite big lor
confirm enough to put our luggage
but then the prices are not fixed la, always change one
so must see nearing the date, if we decide to use shurgard, then need to call about pricing again
alternatively we can extend housing la
though that is abit more costly, but that ensures us a place to stay when we get back

after that we went to check out the big supermarkets near that area
it is not that ex actually
there were many pple there
perhaps stocking up for the week

then we came back to lund c and went to check out the train hostel

the train hostel in lund
wanted to like go in and see the hostel rooms la
to consider whether to put luggage in shurgard and then stay in train hostel
but we scared no space to pack leh :s
but it was closed till 5pm la, and we lazy to wait like 2hrs
so we left lor

and went to mh's place at spoletop south
first time going there, and it's really near the train station
so fang bian! but expensive la :s

checking out car rental prices in london
checking out car rental prices

quite neat hor her room
her place is actually smaller than geez's
but because it is like NEAT right, so it seems bigger and spacious

her sink and microwave
she brought slow cooker, rice cooker and electric kettle!
and she still bring slow cooker, rice cooker and electric kettle!! :s

she has a full length mirror on her door
and she got full length mirror also
jealous la! haha, i also want :P

then after that we went out to check out pizza ciao ciao again for dinner
and it was OPENED!
haha :D yayyyy! fungi!! we ordered 2 and shared

then gh and i walked back home
slack around awhile
then decided to watch death note
we wanted to pia death note 1 and 2 de!
but right, while watching death note 2, then IE screwed up
then had to wait to reload!
ended up going to sleep lor :(

anyway, daylight saving has started
move clock 1hr ahead!
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