Thursday, March 12, 2009

[Klostergatan Fisk]

we ate at our FIRST restaurant in lund on Tuesday!
haven been eating out much because it is EXPENSIVE!
only eat at pizza ciao ciao which is like one of the more affordable food here

so after biz policy lesson, me, gh and geez went to eat Klostergatan Fisk,
which was HIGHLY recommended by teresa
hahaha, she say until it was SO NICE that she DREAMT of it la!

Klostergatans Fisk
located near the train station
kind of on the way home for us too
well, except geez la, he need to study, haha sad eh

the restaurant was SUPER DUPER crowded la and the place was not v big
cos lunch time, dagens u know
ah well, but we waited awhile and finally got a table!

the swedish menu
the swedish menu in which the waitress help us to translate
she was like SUPER busy

so gh and i ordered cod fish and geez ordered ribs
both at 79sek, which translates to about 15sgd

the salad and bread... bread tasted horrible, it was like sour bread
so we went to take our salad first
the bread is like yucky and sour! :(

happy birthday gh!
happy 23rd birthday! :)

and then the food came!

cod fish! 79kr, v nice!
cod fish with potatoes and beetroot!
wah, looks nice hor! taste nice too!
i usually dun like beetroot, but this one tasted fine!

and i thought it was a very small serving la, cos well, the plate was super huge
but with that few potatoes, it is actually quite filling
and the cod fish is like good quality fish!

i wanted to zoom in at the bowl of crab pincers actually
it is like a seafood restaurant
not bad lor, i mean, as compared to fish&co and manhattan's fish market in singapore, 15sgd is cheap what! includes tax also, and there is no service charge!

i'll definitely go back there again one day!
i'll try the fish and seafood chilli soup thing! that cost 89sek, but it looks nice!
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