Saturday, March 07, 2009

[gh birthday]

we celebrated gh's birthday yesterday!
because friday mah, next day no sch, so easier u know!

doing the banner while studying
drawing helicopters
happy birthday! :D

me making the banner and deco
my helicopter cute anot la!
and all this is i draw one okay, though i copied la
but it is not printed u know!! :D

decorating the icecream cake with fruits
used chocolate icecream topping to write the words

project icecream cake
it has a cookie crust below, chocolate layer, vanilla layer, then fruits and chocolate wordings
what the chocolate words took painstakingly long la! i wished i had the fabric paint tube which i can easily squeeze out can! i had to use chopstick to do this!

mh and xh came over for dinner!
geez ps us cos he playing dota, win le lor
we had alot of food as you can see
so we still delivered some to geez la

look at the big pot of macaroni!

loads of food again!

happy 23rd gh! :D
fake candles again
NICE HOR! :D the kiwi and mango is quite sour though, strawberry is nice! my 2 layer icecream cake with fruits!
happy 23rd birthday! :)

the kiwi and mango were not nice la
but strawberry NICE!!!

then it was time for project mahjong
we did makeshift mahjong tiles on ikea brown paper

project mahjong
mh and xh
project mahjong

my animals
my animals! :P

it was super difficult to hold the tiles!
paper too big, need to do again when we're free
random mahjong shots
we had so much difficulty flipping through the paper la!!

okay, when we go kiruna, we gonna take packs of cards from SAS le!!
then we can make like PROPER mahjong cards u know
cards which we can actually hold on our hands!

gh says this is a 3 pin singapore plug
gh says this is a 3 pin singapore plug -___-"

after that, mh and xh left to catch the bus
while we went to deliver dinner to geez
who was still playing game, haha

then we came back and realised we never take pic with my banner :(
so we take lor

i think i draw quite well! :D
eating streamers
cute heli!
happy bdae!
happy birthday! :)

okay la, it is time for a boring day of case studies :(
suddenly seem to be getting quite busy
and i woke up at like 11.30am today, meaning half my day have flown past!
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