Sunday, March 22, 2009

[food post again]

sian, there's nothing much to blog about
because i've been trying to mug ya
good thing i finish all my reports already :D:D

*big smiles*

so well, i'll just put pictures of my previous cooking :D:D

haha, i'm quite proud of myself actually
at least all the food is edible, sometimes look quite nice
dun have to resort to like heating up pre-cooked food
which is like expensive! :S

laksa preparation:

step 1
step 1: beehoon

step 2
step 2: all the ingredients
too bad dun have the TYPICAL laksa ingredients like tau pok :(

step 3
step 3: the laksa gravy

step 4
step 4: laksa leaves

yayyyy! done done done!
nice hor!

omg, especially when like the weather is abit cool
then u eat something hot like LAKSA!
wah seh :D:D:D:D

then also tried western meal

western meal
my rice pattern anot la! :P

haha, but cannot just taste nice u know
must look nice!
then will contribute to the taste also! :D:D

okay, call me pro ;)

on a side-note, i'm like super beyond happy that i'm 200bucks richer :D

okay, back to the boring business policy
which is NEVER ENDING! :(
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