Sunday, March 01, 2009

[Expenditure in Lund]

i just did my month end closing for my February expenditure

hahaha, dun roll eyes la
it is really KINDA like month end closing can!
still need to carry forward some amount de

so, the total amount that i've spent ever since i stepped into lund

means it does not include pre-departure expenses like airfare, residence permit, insurance, etc.

= sgd 2612.72

this amount includes travelling, accommodation, food, etc. EVERYTHING la

not bad hor? i think not bad la
since it includes travels to Copenhagen and Berlin

if i dun consider my housing payment (which i consider this as fixed expenses),
i've spent...

sgd 1348.72

that is for like 48 days that i have been here
oh man, i hope i can continue to save and save so that i can spend more on travelling!

actually some of the money is still not used up yet
still inside our transport card and food fund
yeah, we have a food fund, in which is super active, hahah!
cos we always buy quite a lot of food mah, then we will contribute to it and deduct from there

and of course tracy has a spreadsheet to record down everything
high tech anot la
gh is using his little black notebook to calculate

seems quite dinosaur next to me :P

a rough guide of how much food cost in Lund:

Eggs: 28.70 sek for 20 (~sgd 0.30 per egg)
Bread: 11.90 sek for a loaf (~sgd 2.40) <-- it is the cheapest bread, but like not v nice la
Jasmin Rice: 27.90 sek for 2 kg (~sgd 6) <-- euroshopper brand, not v nice
Jasmin Rice ICA Asia: 42.90 for 2 kg (~sgd 9) <-- this taste most like the rice in singapore
Potato: 6.90 sek per kg (~sgd 1.40) <-- when there is offer, it is 15sek for 5kg
Apples: 26.90 sek per kg (~sgd 5.40) <-- sometimes got offer it is 12 sek per kg

yeah, something like that la
mostly the prices is like x2 of singapore or more
some stuff only can buy from some places lor, like for eggs, we only buy from Netto cos it's the cheapest
or sometimes when certain supermarkets got sale then go and buy from there

the things we do just to save money.
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