Monday, March 02, 2009

[cooking again]

okay, i haven blogged about cooking pictures recently :P

macaroni! this time it was successful! :D
cos i used the singapore macaroni that mummy sent, together with oregano!
the euroshopper macaroni = sucky
but it is cheap la, what to do man :(

first attempt at baked rice!
not bad! but need to mix the rice together with the mushroom soup first then bake then will be better
first attempt at baked rice!
not bad hor! :D it would have been better if the rice and the mushroom soup was mixed first before baking! okay la, that will be left for the 2nd attempt :D

gh's own creation of ramly burgers
gh's version of ramly burgers! nice!
and teriyaki sauce is really a life saver, it tastes good with ANYTHING la!
yeah, after like almost 2 months, then we notice that there is a japanese section in ICA which sells TERIYAKI sauce! omg!
one bottle cost like 28sek which is about 5+sgd la

german potato pancake!
got the recipe from, not bad la! put too much pepper though
supposed to be german potato pancake la
found the recipe online, dun see what's so german about it... -___-"
yeah, well, not bad la, just that i put too much pepper!
haha, i scared no taste mah, so i just put alot of pepper!

have been staying at home these days, unless got sch
so lazy hor! nowhere to go also la :(
still got 4 more case studies to do, then exams coming le!

can't wait for april to come!!!
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