Tuesday, March 24, 2009


wah, i cannot stand the hotmail advertisements
everytime i wanna click on my scroll bar
the ntu advertisement will pop up

then i've to like stare at it awhile
roll eyes a little bit
before i can finally CLOSE it
and access my scroll bar

even on msn, the smu advertisements will wun fang guo wo can
today dun have though, so i couldn't print screen it
wah lau, then i've to like wait awhile to press close
before i can see the bottom left hand corner of the screen

irritating advertisements.

then when u see all the other unis aggressively promoting,
then u wonder where the hell is nus -__-"
it is just getting abit e.litist is it... cannot promote itself meh!
never promote = lose good students what
cannot just base on like ur reputation or brand name nia...

but when it does try to aggressively promote,
it comes up with a sperm-like poster in which i absolutely cannot understand...

i dun even get the slogan can -___-"
i know it's some reverse psychology la
but it sux man
hopefully 2009 one was much better la

haiz, i feel grumpy from being cooped up at home and having to study
in which i feel that i can't really rmb all my notes


and i'm hungry now too :(
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