Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[9 degrees in lund]

today was AMAZINGLY a bright and sunny day!
with temperature of 9 degrees celsius!
the most i've seen so far!!!

but the wind speed was like 41km/h
omg, just about the speed i drive can, hahahaha!

pictures of my journey to sch:

finally sunny! and i can wear shades already!
yay! armed with shades!
getting ready to go to sch for meeting!

journey to school starts with clearing trash into the rubbish chutes
usually we clear the trash before we go to sch
well, sometimes la, hahah! sometimes lazy
a few days then clear once

nice blue sky :D 9 degrees!
look at the nice blueeeeeeeeeee sky!

gh with his uv spects, first time turn black
gh's uv spects actually turned black

and it wasn't v cold, wear like that can le!
erm, my shades is obviously black duh

first road junction: crossing the railway track
first road junction
need to cross the railway track

wind is SUPER strong! 41km/h, about the speed of a car!
the wind was so strong that my hair was blown like mad!

the trees are actually swaying vigorously
the trees were actually swaying vigourously

fallen tree
a fallen tree

we call this the 'graffiti place'
we call this the graffiti place

i can pronounce this v well in swedish ;) i always hear this on the bus
i can pronounce this quite well in swedish :D
cos i always hear it on the bus
hahaha, it kinda sounds like sothetoolll leVORK santarllll
must say in the sing songly voice too

the long stretch of road
the long road to sch is sodra esplanaden

in front of a cemetry :s
finally reach the cemetry
but no la, we never walk through it :s

walking uphill :( another stretch of road
long uphill path to sch :(

with abit of camwhoring

decided to try a new path through the oresund science region
decided to try a new route
but after that realised that it is not much shorter after all

nice nice weather :D

they are growing some plants there
they were growing some plants

the sky is so blue right!!!

signs of spring
signs of spring

road to sch! the tuna road!
the tuna road towards school

it also leads to ostra torn, which is like the other end of lund from klostergarden
and it is also towards ostra torn
which is super far from klostergarden

school in sight!
school approaching!

road name of sch
finally reached!

gh's shop
and we'll see gh's shop along the way

well, the whole journey takes about almost an hour?
around 45mins la, but if walk slower, then 1hr lor
okay la, it doesn't feel that long actually
dunno how come the clock ticks so fast

had meeting in sch
booked tickets for kiruna
got a heart attack cos car rental suddenly shot up like mad over a mere span of 3hrs
and then headed home for dinner

nice sunset view from our window
nice sunset view from our window!

haiz, i've inertia to study or to do work :(
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