Wednesday, February 25, 2009

[xiuhui birthday]

yesterday we celebrated xiuhui's birthday!
at klostergarden!

we ponned marketing lesson just for it la!
not like i really wanted to go anyway :P useless lesson
we prepared the food the day before already
so gh decided to decorate the apartment

using materials left by previous tenants
we used wrapping papers and streamers which were leftover by previous tenants
who were singaporeans
because i saw a ocbc post it notepad

gh doing streamers and balloons
gh doing the balloons and streamers

i writing happy birthday
u see, still cutting...
i was cutting out the banner, i think i took like 1hr ar
the wrapping paper very thin la!


then we were still very free, everyone not here yet mah!
so we continue decorating lor

streamers on the doorway also
gh nothing better to do, went to write male toilet sign... -___-"
gh draw one
wu liao...

folding tissue napkins
he fold crane, i fold heart
not bad hor!
folding tissue paper napkins!
gh fold crane, i fold heart

dinner menu
fine dining! still got menu leh!

then gh decided that it lacks some soft music
so i went to make a youtube playlist of classical music
richard clayderman rocks btw
then have to use looptube so that it loops forever somemore
so after that, need to hide the laptop mah...

used laptop to play classical music....really like fine dining!
and we hid it in this wooden container
haha, so we hid this near the dining table
cos gh also found a cute happy birthday youtube video mah
so we need it nearby so we can play it

and it was like nearing 6 le, they still haven come mah
so we decided to test shot the kodak place first

testing out the self timer camera angle
if u notice, gh DIN move at all for the 3 consecutive shots...
reminds me of jj's 3 non-moving shots, hahaha!
look like i take photo with statue can!

minhui finally here!
minhui was the first to arrive!

yay, potluck dinner!
fried rice by xiuhui
cheers! (it's pepsi la)
yay! feng fu dinner!
gh and i prepared shephard's pie and banana cake (that will appear later)
minhui prepared bak ku teh soup, had to use MANY of our pots since we dun have one big pot, haha!
xiuhui prepared fried rice, cos we din tell her it is to celebrate her bdae
then geez prepared thai styled curry! and he put like funny things inside like beansprout, xiuhui kept laughing about that! he also put mutton, which most of us din eat la :s but nice la the curry! :D i just took the curry itself

pepsi float!
banana split
pepsi float and banana split!
we were super full by then!

then! xiuhui happen to go toilet
then we rush to get the cake and music ready!

banana cake!
no candles, replace with fingers
haha, no candles la, so replace with fingers
the candles in ICA very expensive leh :S and we din check out Tiger

group pics!
happy birthday xiuhui! :D

yayyyy! copied down my 2nd term timetable le!
april is like gonna be my MAJOR travel month! :D:D:D
like i'm so busy researching for it now, omg
that i'm not even studying la...

exams are like in one month's time :S
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