Sunday, February 15, 2009

[valentine's day]

today is valentine's day!

gh yesterday made brownie with icecream for me! :D

gh's first baking attempt
quite nice though!
nice la :)
but his brownie is like 0.5cm high only...
hahaha! dunno wad he do, usually brownie not so thin one mah!

i got up early to make banana muffins and banana pancake
well, banana pancake was impromptu la
it was because the banana look like it was gonna spoil le
so better hurry up use la

banana pancakes
banana pancakes

oversprouted muffins
overgrown muffins
well, i FORGOT to buy muffin tray la!
then i do a makeshift one, then i went to make the well so big...
then it just rise and rise and rise! omg :s

never mind, i shall try again soon :(

then we went to walk walk around lund city lor
went to eat at pizza ciao ciao again
fungi pizza again! for 45sek! which is 9sgd
cheap hor! it's DAMN BIG somemore la!
we just share one lor

tried to look around for cheap boots, i wanna buy another one la
but the cheap ones (eg. 99sek or 199sek) ... no size leh! :( or too high
my high boots is abit spoiling le, then the low one...the heel too high
i can't walk for long in it

i even went to the CHILDREN'S section to look for boots leh
got some look not bad, quite like adult ones
and it's MUCH CHEAPER (149sek)!
but then, dun have my size leh! i only saw until size 36
but i wear 37!! :(
actually i still can fit into 36 la, but i think it'll be abit uncomfortable after awhile

anyway, walked quite alot
and i din bring ANYTHING! but i felt my shoulders super ache!
i think it's cos of my winter jacket la, abit heavy, that's why i always shoulder suan!

3 more days to berlin!
i cannot wait! :D
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