Wednesday, February 11, 2009


yayyyyyyyyy! my dhl parcel arrived today!

yay! :D

mummy packed super alot of things inside la!

so many things!
muahaha, laptop laptop laptop!

things inside:
1. IBM thinkpad with battery and power adapter and cable
2. Photo Impact disc
3. 10 packets of maggi curry noodle
4. 1 pkt of longtong
5. black velvet hairband
6. baking soda - 1 bottle
7. salt - 1 small plastic container
8. oregano with basil and tomato
9. macaroni - 1 pkt
10. 1 bottle Nivea intensive milk
11. 2 bottles jojoba oil
12. 1 vaseline lip therapy and 1 Neutrogena lip balm
13. highlighter
14. ikan bilis
15. pork floss - 2 pkts
16. rubber bands
17. small & medium paper clips and 4 pcs of the black clips
18. Alumimium foil - 2 pkt
19. Plastic wrap - 2 pkt
20. 1 small set of screwdrivers and another pc of + screwdriver
21. greaseproof paper - 4 pcs - folded in a plastic bag
22. 1 pkt chilli
23. socks
24. 6 pc breakfast cereal
25. 4 pcs ziploc bags

so many things! but it cost sgd210 to send it to lund la, including insurance
for a 10kg box using student express
they still give me a free laptop bagpack which is in singapore now

very ex hor, 210bucks! but it's like better than to repair my computer here
here is super duper expensive!

all thanx to my daddy's fren who lent me the laptop!

gh was saying there will be no more dinner le la :P
cos i'll be stuck at the computer for the whole day..
aiyah, wun can! i v responsible one :D

went to Malmo on monday

on the train
only went with gh, no one else was free
all had lessons la!

part of the band!
haha, retarded

cheap shop, abit like daiso
super duper cheap shop!
lund also have
the one in malmo is quite small though
nothing much there la

anyway, the main point of going to malmo was to check out the ZARA SALE
wah, totally feng le lor, so cheap la! :D
i bought like 2 jeans for myself, and then the rest is all souvenirs for others
and only buy for gals la, cos the guys totally have NO SALE!

my mountain of clothes at zara
my mountain of clothes
haha, but majority is not mine la

and it's quite troublesome to try clothes when u're wearing winter wear
ma fan to take out winter coat, long sleeves, etc

after that, we walked around somemore
and went to the Asian Supermarket

more like asian ma-ma shop can...

and the things there are super expensive!
it's like do-do fishballs are sgd7 for like one tiny packet

both cost 16sek respectively
which is about 3sgd?! omg!

totally kan chinese's money can!
so expensive!!!
and the cai sux btw
the toufu haven eat yet
but should be nice la
it's the normal one that i eat in singapore!

here are some random cooking pictures:

split into half cos overcooked le
not nice leh, not like mummy's one :(
i'll try again :D

this tasted horrible! - prima taste black pepper sauce
looks not bad right?
but it taste super duper disgusting la!
the prima taste black pepper sauce
it's too spicy and it's the weird type of spicy!
we had to drown the chicken in water before we can eat it lor :S

okay, i'll blog again soon
shall go bathe and do something constructive already :D
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