Wednesday, February 04, 2009

[start of meetings]

after cny dinner, we began to start having MEETINGS :(
cos of the biz policy report and presentation
which we were given like only a week to do!
so kong bu la :(
think we so free to do ar.......

we were dying doing project at 10pm :(
we had meeting from about 5 to 10.45pm :(
super duper tired la!
and they had dinner at our place
longtong again, to let french guy reda try it out

Geez - from ntu double degree com sci and biz
geez from ntu, haha, washing the dishes
he learning how to cook now though
not bad le

biz policy group!
geez, gh, tracy, reda

and we also went to the lund library to borrow course book for our IT module
could have just borrowed and borrowed and borrowed from the lib and SAVE MONEY!
moreover, reserving and renewing is FREE!
good thing i only bought 2 books and photocopied 2 books
else i'll feel so gek sim eh... :(

lund library card
lund library card

something worse than textbooks are: COURSE COMPENDIUMS

wah lau, i've no idea why it is so ex can
paying for their service for compiling is it
i think i go to factiva/bizsourcepremiere and print out myself also CHEAPER can! ugh

course compendiums for our master level course
that's like 40sgd lor!
we could have bought 2 textbooks in singapore le!
but not that bad la, we just share the cost

HAIZ! it's so expensive here :(

aside from spending lots of money, we've been dying of dry skin :(

gh's dry and bleeding hands :S
gh's bleeding hands

painful.......... :((((
all my cuts :(
my cuts are never healing :(

oh well, but our biz policy analysis one is over already!!
i think we should do well la :D hahaha
anyway, we just need 50marks, no need to pia so hard also!
the next analysis is in march, so well, it's time to RELAX!

but now it's the start of all the IT case studies
5 in total leh! like omggggggg
how come so many la! and need to write a 5 page report plus do presentation
haiz, actually NOW supposed to do
but group member iran girl is late! took the wrong train -___-"

yeah, so i have time to blog lor :P
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