Friday, February 13, 2009


exactly 31 days after we have arrived in lund,
we found out on 12th february that...

there is a light above the kitchen sink.

win le lor, we have been relying on the stove light to wash bowls in the sink
we were even so desperate once that we took out the standing light from the bedroom and put it in the kitchen

to find out 1 month later that there is ACTUALLY a FREAKING LIGHT there!


but we bet the previous tenants also din manage to find it lor!
because unlike all the other lights in the house,
the sink light was SUPER DUPER BRIGHT LA!

how we found out about the sink light also quite exciting la
gh was washing the bowls, when the tap suddenly EXPLODED and hit the top!

of course can screw back la

but that was when we finally found the light!!!

alot of fish
today's dinner
chilli fish for me, butter fish for gh

it snowed again yesterday night!
and it snowed even heavier than before
nice nice! :)
but i din go and make a snowman this time
i'll make it again soon though :D
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