Friday, February 06, 2009

[the people]

amazingly i've time to blog today
because i replied my parents email in the afternoon already!

i shall blog about the people in lund, sweden

so far all the swedish people we meet along the streets are really very helpful!
they help us with directions, and if they dunno, they will FIND someone else to help us with it!
very nice hor! i mean in singapore, i'm sure we bother so much la!
there was this guy that we met in malmo who even walked with us to the correct bus station and helped us to tell the bus driver which stop we are getting down yet and also tell us the station name!

however, i haven met any swedish people yet
supposed to have mentor group leh, but it obviously does not exist at all!
dunno how is their system lor...
and the language teacher told us that we need to join a Nation and help to volunteer and clean up then they will get to know u

wah lau, sounds abit desperate leh
like i've to be a cleaner to get to know them
so erm, forget it la...
i also go nation do wad, drink and scratch ar...

BUT! in my b2b marketing class, there is this cocky swedish guy!
who is sadly, in my opinion, quite good looking, looks like RYAN SEACREST!
during our first marketing class, he kinda shot all singaporeans/asians

"the teachers do not care about your names. you need not tell him your english names"

because lund also quite wth la, dunno why they cannot PRINT OUT OUR FULL NAMES
i mean, tracy is very easy to pronounce wad! but no, they can't print that out
they print jia li seow

*rolls eyes*

then during that lesson, the teacher was going thru about the examinations and group work
and he asked alot of questions in which i think some were pretty retarded
then the teacher asked "any last questions?"

and who should raise hand but fake-ryan-seacrest -___-"

"is there any swedish students out there who want to seriously do the group work and achieve high grades"

slap his idiotic face arrrrrrrrrrrr! idiotttttttt!
so u think other pple STUPID is it?!
skali we play/travel/slack also get high pass and he can just rot and die

too bad there's not powerpoint presentation, only need to hand in some report
else, singaporeans will just STUN him with powerpoints can

ughs, eat shit man...

okay, i also need to bitch about the marketing teacher himself

throughout the WHOLE OF TODAY'S LESSON, he keep GIGGLING to himself can
i wanna smack his face le, totally dun see what's so funny
like just speed up and FINISH THE LECT can!
and he uses OHP CAN! wah lau, lau tu anot, embrace technology pls!

and Mr Giggler looks like Professor Lockhart in Harry Potter - Chamber of Secrets
seriously lor! today i look at him then i realise de!
he looks like a fatter version, and abit not that nice looking also
not that i think professor lockhart v shuai la pls -___-"

still got who else to talk about...

oh yes, informatics class guy
there's this pakistan guy who is, in my opinion, DAMN IRRITATING!
he keep wanting to change groups because he dun wanna do with 2 girls
i not kidding lor, i HEARD him tell the teacher:

"i wish to change group. at least one other guy and a gal in the group. now i doing with 2 girls, not balanced."

win already lor, not balanced lor!

then he really insisted on changing groups after the first case, then he make the other 2 girls say they wanna change groups too!
then i went to ask one of the girls about it la, she say he refuse to accept any of their ideas at all!
omg, egoistic! why u look down on girls?!
your points very fantastic meh? your powerpoint like sai can!
and i couldn't even understand wth he is saying

and the IT teacher...he damn boring la!
he keep STARING at the screen and at the floor when he talking
like i wanna ask him qns also cannot, cos he can't see that i raise hand
but yeah, today i ask him can release case study questions earlier anot, and he say NO
cos the "questions may change"

same questions from previous semesters can!

and swedish people here have really short working hours
eg. 9 to 11am on mon, wed, fri
win already lor, i wed and fri usually no lessons somemore
cos i had to find this guy to set up my informatics account
yeah, had to PURPOSELY go down ALL THE WAY to sch on a WEDNESDAY just to find him
and i go there, he stoning in the toilet or what
shit so long then come out and attend to us
then we wanted to catch the bus back within an hour mah

*point to note: if u take transport in lund, within 1 hr u change to another bus or smthg, it is FREE! :D

other than that, actually the people here are quite nice and helpful
it is really unlike singapore where we will not really help?
i'm sure we WALK a tourist to his DESTINED LOCATION cos he dunno his way la!
we just point point give vague directions and that's it

the difference between singaporeans and ang mohs.
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