Monday, February 16, 2009

[lund cheap survival guide]

here is a list of some methods to survive in expensive Lund/Sweden/Europe

of course, some are just ridiculous la, and just for fun :P
some are what we have really done!
some are what we should have done but did not do :(

1) do NOT buy the pillow which the IHO sells to you during the registration day
- it is a super sucky pillow, and ikea sells it MUCH CHEAPER
- but u probably need to buy the quilt (though ikea also cheaper) because it'll be cold initially

2) support euroshopper!
- very cheap things, in english somemore
- however, not say very nice la, but can survive la
- price difference is quite big as compared to other brands

3) go do supermarket survey!
- some supermarkets sell cheaper things than others
- ICA is no.1 choice. other supermarkets include Netto, Coop, Hemkop (still got willy's but haven been there leh...)
- Netto is supposedly v cheap, but there is little variety, and only some things are cheap there
- the variety in ICA differs too, the one in the city has more stuff

4) eat at Pizza Ciao Ciao (opposite train station)
- best to tahan all hunger when travelling to other parts of skane, and just go back there to eat
- 3 pple can share 2 pizza, pizza V BIG and V NICE! esp FUNGI :D

5) "we need to bring toilet roll to sch to steal more toilet paper!" --unknown (guess who)
- toilet in sch is like v clean
- toilet paper is never lacking

6) buy bread from supermarkets and make ur own sandwich for lunch in sch
- sch food costs like sgd7 for a bread
- din check out normal food prices la, can't read the menu, all in exchangestudent-friendly eh!

7) chiong for transport within 1hr - because it is free!
- eg. take bus to supermarket, chiong to buy everything, then take bus back all within 1hr
- advisable to get a ticket from the bus driver, so when u take the 2nd bus, just flash the ticket can already, else sometimes, they will deduct again from ur card
- even from train to bus is also free! within 1hr that is

8) travelling in twos is cheaper with the discount card
- 21.60sek for 2 with the discount card
- 12sek for 1 with the discount card

9) bus 11 rocks - walk everywhere
- ideal way to lose weight, tone legs
- just dun freeze in the cold can le

10) check for europe city cards wherever u go
- provides free transport, free admission to some attractions or discounts
- eg. Copenhagen Card = 199dkk for 24hrs (worth it i feel, because transport is ex!)

11) use Hostelsweb to check for cheap hostels (can sort by price)
- however, best to also see ratings la
- and DUN go to the is beyond sucky can
- cheaper to stay in those like 12pple mixed dorm or smthg like that, private ensuites = ex

12) check budget airlines periodically to see if there is cheap discounts, best to also book in advance (same goes to trains)

13) dun buy textbooks (u only need to get 50 marks la, dun so pia pls)
- borrow from the library
- it offers free renewal and reservation, loan period = 2 weeks
- perfect plan because u dun have to bring heavy textbooks there, and u dun have to think how to sell them
- moreover, some modules just have takehome exams or individual assignments, dun really need to mug the WHOLE textbook what

14) if u really need textbooks, get them from singapore
- the first hand textbook can be cheaper or about the same as the second hand textbook here in lund
- or can also photocopy and bind
- however, some of the textbooks may also be difficult to find in singapore, because they use v old versions, or like books from sweden/denmark this type in which singapore doesn't have

15) find cheap buffets when travelling around europe (lund dun have i THINK)
- buffet kills many meals u know, so it'll be worth it
- just stuff urself la!

16) cook by yourself, dun eat out too much
- this is like obviously so self explanatory right...
- so, LEARN TO COOK before going for SEP!!


okay, currently can't think of anymore already
will update again!
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