Monday, February 16, 2009


have done several group work in lund uni already
so perhaps i feel more... apt to write this now

it is difficult to do group work with non-singaporeans.

firstly is the language barrier
some of them dun speak english that well
and it takes time to explain things to them
of course sometimes it is our fault that we talk too fast
and in singlish at times, hence they can't comprehend

next is the difference in frequency
perhaps cos english may not be a first language to them,
they take time to process things slower
and sometimes we end up talking about different things

they also have a more laid back attitude towards doing things
i totally hate unnecessary meetings
some things could be communicated thru email (embrace technology pls!)
or perhaps could be postponed to a later time when we are much more prepared

but despite all their negativity,
perhaps all is not bad
get to meet other pple from around the world
learn more about them, or find out some info (eg. france shopping districts) from them

it's not that they are bad, they are nice people
however, there is a serious difference in frequency and style of work
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