Wednesday, February 04, 2009

[copenhagen trip]

on 30th january, we headed for copenhagen in the afternoon!

lunch before cph! looks good right!
had a feng fu lunch at the apartment first before going

new outfit to go CPH!

same old boring outfit
same boring outfit....... -___-"

waiting for others to reach train station
waiting at the train station for the others to arrive
we were super early actually

the train station
the train station!

after that we met mh, and then xh came
and we were like waiting and waiting for geez!
good thing he finally came and we manage to catch the earlier train instead! :D

xh and mh
mh and geez
on the train!

after reaching cph in 40mins, geez and xh went to change money at the bank
while we went to enquire about the cph card and to find out where was our hostel

we decided to stay at the CPH airport hostel because it was 20bucks cheaper than DanHostel which actually i kinda prefer la, cos it's like a HOTEL can! omg
5 star hostel leh!
but never mind la, cos one night only, save some money lor!

yeah well, dun be decieved by the name lor
the AIRPORT hostel is actually not linked to the airport at all
it is SUPER DUPER FAR AWAY and it looks like a...


our scary haunted house!!
it really looks like this lor
using nightmode!

omg, the CPH Airport Hostel looks like HAUNTED HOUSE!

the lady in charge dun even know how to calculate our hostel fees minus 10% can
i totally wanna roll eyes and grab the calculator from her le
she only have primary sch education or what
even normal canteen aunties are smarter than her can!

bunk beds, good thing they were clean
but at least the beds were quite clean

and they have a common room to watch tv, use internet etc
but it was super small la
it's like a terrace house converted into a hostel nia

look at the bloody pic at the staircase!! scary!
scary bloody painting!

dirty walls :S
dirty walls

it was about 6+ almost 7
and we decided to head for CPH city and buy the CPH card

taking the train to copenhagen city
train to cph city

storget - famous shopping street
went to storget, which was like a super long row of shops la
shopping street, with nothing much to eat/buy
cos no money la! it's like so ex leh!
not like in lund where i can divide the prices by 5! :(

end up eat bread for dinner :(
and we ended up eating bread lor...

and then we walked past...

passed by museum erotica

but it was close already

no la, we din go in, it look kinda disturbing
it was pretty disturbing so we din go in la
and it was closed also
but of course the guys wanted to go in...
still have to pay money can

so most of the shops were like closing, and we looked at our CPH card guide,
the only place that was open late was the Casino Copenhagen
so we decided to check it out

oh man! it was like BEYOND disappointing leh
we thought it will look super grand from the outside
but it was just a casino of a hotel!

and then the guys had to get suits to go in la, need to rent
so forget it lor, so ex

but when we walk out from the casino...

yay! snow!!!!!!
so happy! i finally saw snow leh!

then i exclaim so loudly somemore
and an angmoh happened to be beside us!
and he started laughing and say it usually snow in january

wah lau, singapore never snow leh, cannot is it!

and i was supposed to go see snow when i was 10yrsold
my parents promise me de
but end up never get to see la, cos din go overseas
and i only got to see it 10YEARS LATER at 20yrs old leh!!!

then after that we went back to the hostel
wanted to play cards but we found out that we have one card less la!
ughhh... actually it dropped in our apartment la
so we ended up playing uno with my POOH BEAR UNO CARDS :D

next day we woke up at 7, and headed off for the CPH ZOO!

us outside the zoo! it was SUPER DUPER COLD!
fake looking eiffel tower
there were alot of angmohs who arrived early with their kids too!
we were standing outside waiting for the gates to open!
need to make full use of the CPH 24hrs card la! (it cost 199dkk)

half frozen lake, dunno how the ducks swim in it
it was like super cold
i think it was minus degrees
i thought it should be 4degrees lor, when i checked the temp a few days ago
but the weather forecast was WRONG!

they were super close to us la, could have eaten us up
the polar bears were super close to us! not like in singapore :s

this one was quite cute
saw penguin there

the pig was like SUPER FAT!
and elyn also :P

we went into the playpen to play with the tiny goats
which could not be bothered about us at all...

hahaha, lao ying zhua xiao ji
wu liao lor
haha, i can't believe he's gonna be 23 this year...

they were so cold so they huddled together
animals were also huddling in the cold
we also :(

okay, more zoo pics on my photobucket
link at the side, go check it out

after that we went back to Storget to look for FOOD!
it was LUNCH TIME!

had this china buffet lunch thingie for 59dkk

our chinese buffet, which totally sucks man! i dun like the taste! and it cost 21sgd for little selection, and the WATER cost 4sgd, crazyyyyy
mh and xh
my face look round here :(
i look fat here! :( round face

anyway, the food sucks man, there's a taste about it that i dun like
but geez and xh say nice leh
the rest of us say not nice, haha

and they made us pay 15dkk for PLAIN WATER
and it was a MUST to order a drink! ughhh and that was the cheapest!
that is like 4+sgd?! omg, KONG BU!

gh was super dl about it la
he say he wanna go back apartment and on the tap the whole night
then feel abit more shuang :P
cos apartment the water is included in the rent

after that, we headed for the Round Tower

the round tower
it was such a long way up
and we had to climb all the way up la! so tiring!

posing in one of the galleries

minature version of the round tower
minature model of the round tower

with the cph city background
and we finally reach the top!!!

looks like wall-e!!!
gh looks like wall-e here!

after that, we went to the post and tele museum
not that we WANTED to go there
it's just that we passed by it la
it turned out not bad actually
lots of photo opportunities :P

went to the post and tele museum next
there was a slide there!
there was even a slide to play with!

see the singapore flag?
look at our vandalism!
plus the singapore flag there

playing in the museum

then we visited Ripley's Believe it or not museum!
even though we have to pay, but the CPH card gave us some discounts
not bad la i think, i quite enjoy it there

ripley's museum!
believe it or not!

then we went to the HC Anderson museum which was just beside
it was nothing much la
just go in and see the fairytales that he wrote
like Little Match Girl, Thumbelina, Tin Soldier, Little Mermaid, etc


and after that, it was back to lund!

good thing for this card!
else our transport amount will be SUPER DUPER ALOT!
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