Wednesday, February 04, 2009


my very first cny away from home!
quite odd not following the usual cny routine
my cny schedule usually is like quite packed and fixed de

but well, cny in sweden was no cny at all

but to commemorate cny, i wore red! :D

wearing red during cny!

and i stupidly did not know that it was cny on 26 and 27
i thought it was 27 and 28 because of the nussu diary!
they wrote wrongly la! sux man...

so anyway, dinner for first cny night was abit pathetic


leftovers and very little veg
hahaha, should have cooked more

but at least we had pepsi float!

PEPSI FLOAT! i'm not living shabbily at least
wah seh!
nice hor? but it wasn't intentional la
it just suddenly looked like a heart shape

our next day cny day 2 lunch was even more pathetic
to save money, we bring food to sch to microwave mah

pizza from ikea
ikea pizzas
super duper cheap!

we had a super long day in sch from 8 to 5pm
why leh? because of the stupid IT module la
lessons from 8 to 10, and then from 3 to 5...
so irritating! and it's just cos the lecturer talks BEYOND SLOW

but after that, we had cny dinner on day 2!

preparing steamboat

xh and mh at our apartment

i was preparing longtong

many many food for our steamboat!
not bad hor the amount of food!
we couldn't finish it lor!

and we had a makeshift lo hei too!
it was SLIGHTLY pathetic la, but it tasted not bad!

lo hei!
fake lohei! with carrot, radish, cucumber, peanuts and ligonsberry jam
carrot, radish, cucumber with peanuts and ligonsberry jam!
i think nice leh! it's like super duper healthy also!

finished all the food!
food leftover!

overall, cny in lund was... hmm, okay lor
no angpaos and no visiting nia
but at least we still got together and had a traditional chinese dinner :)
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