Sunday, February 22, 2009



finally back from berlin! after 4 nights and 4 days!
it's like suddenly u realise how expensive sweden is to live in
but also, how friendly the swedes are

so on 17th afternoon, we got ready for our journey to berlin
first, need to suit up
because i checked the temperatures, and the highest is 0degrees
means most of the days, it's gonna be sub zero!!

gh was first to be suited up...

see how many layers we wear! so far, Top 2 Bottom 3
Top 2 Bottom 3

Top 3 Bottom 3
Top 3 Bottom 3

Top 4 Bottom 3
Top 4 Bottom 3

Top 5 Bottom 3
Top 5 Bottom 3

Top 5 Bottom 3 Neck 1
Top 5 Bottom 3 Neck 1

Top 6 Bottom 3 Neck 1
Top 6 Bottom 3 Neck 1
(hahaha! u got notice that he EXPANDED anot? omg, i keep scrolling the pics back and forth on my camera and laughing la! it's like become soooo PUFFED up!)

okay, now is tracy's turn! :D

Top 2 Bottom 3
Top 2 Bottom 3

Top 3 Bottom 3
Top 3 Bottom 3

Top 4 Bottom 3
Top 4 Bottom 3

Top 5 Bottom 3
Top 5 Bottom 3

yayyy! all suited up already! can get ready to go!
so we walked to the lund train station and waited for the train to CPH

Train towards CPH airport
Still waiting for the train
totally excited to go! gonna take aeroplane! :D

we were in CPH too early though, and there was NOTHING to shop/look around at the airport, so sian la! it is times like this when u start appreciating how great Changi Airport is!

finally after like 2hrs, we got to check in!

our easyjet tickets!
taking easyjet to berlin, about 1hr flight!

Easyjet is the world's BEST low cost carrier (see article here)
so i expected it to be not bad la
and of course, i felt safer also
i can imagine myself like praying thruout the whole of my RyanAir journey if i ever take it la...scared u know!

but the aeroplane delayed! :(

see EZY4556? AWAIT INFO :(
and we just sit and stone and stone!
moral of the story: always bring a pack of cards with you

inside the check in area was more interesting with more shops la
but also walk finish le leh! and no scenic place to take photos somemore
so we just sat at the bar and stare at the screen
in fact, it was so late that all the shops were closing!!

finally, after 2hrs delay
i was half asleep le...
finally after a 2 hrs delay, we managed to board the plane!
and then they told us that it was delayed due to a mechanical problem in germany and also bad weather in germany

wah lau, scared can, mechanical problem leh!!

moreover it was so dark! yeah, so i was damn scared on the plane...
even though it was only a short 50mins flight
but still, scary leh! i wanna make it back ALIVE can!

(well, obviously i'm alive...)

i even tried to sit still so that i dun move about on the tiny aeroplane
cos i scared later the aeroplane not balanced or what
then something happen....

okay, dun roll eyes le :P

seat space, okay la, not that bad
seat space

leg room, abit tinier lor, but can survive
leg room

not bad la, i think i can survive a few hrs in it, haha!
but not more than 4hrs la, i scared the aeroplane cannot make it

we managed to catch the LAST s-bahn towards our hostel
good thing man! else a taxi would cost 35EUROS! like omgggggg!
the train cost 2.80euros, because the airport is in zone C, and u've to buy the ABC ticket

the kiddy looking berlin train!
we were stunned by this kiddy looking train!
it really look like a choo choo train from the outside
din get to take a pic
cos i hurry chiong into the train eh, scared i miss it...

time: 1am (omg!)

then after a long walk from the train station, about 1km la
we finally reached our hostel!

our hostel!
taken from the flyer

pegasus hostel! looks not bad la
and it has 24hr reception, so it din matter that we reached v late
so we checked in, and headed for our dormitory
which cost about sgd 20 per night per person

and when we use the keycard to open the 10-room dormitory door...


there were like 6 males in the dorm, 2 females
all sleeping in the dark le la
and i think it was all the shoes that made the whole room smell SUPER stale!

and they din even give us a set of bunk beds
i had to sleep somewhere else, gh sleep somewhere else
i sleep on top somemore!

then there is this old man below me
and whenever he turn, the whole bunk bed also shake!!!

well, to take revenge, everytime he snore, i'll like MENG turn
so that it will be super noisy for him also :P

i think i barely slept 3hrs can
horrible snoring...
but it din smell that stinky up there la

the next day, i was so relieved to get up and get OUTTA the room!

we went to check out the 5.90euro breakfast buffet which the hostel provided
but not nice leh! selection looks beyond pathetic can...
delifrance breakfast buffet better lor, 9.90sgd somemore nia :(

so we went outside of the hostel to grab a pizza

the pizza/pasta place outside, opens till 2am! price from 3euros
the lund pizza ciao ciao is much nicer and BIGGER!
3.90 euros
the lund pizza ciao ciao is definitely NICER and BIGGER!
haiz, disappointed...

we went back to the hostel to wait for the New Berlin Tour pickup from the hostel

the hostel looks not bad right?
view of the hostel, looks not bad right

New Europe Tour is this free tour conducted by students, it is available in some of the european countries like berlin, paris, amsterdam, london, etc.
just google it and you will be able to find it
they operate by a tips only basis, so u can just give them a small fee at the end of the walking tour (about 3.5hrs)
aside from free tours which is conducted daily in all weather conditions, they also conduct other paid tours la
all info on their website, can go check it out :)

our train ticket, which needs to be validated
train ticket

single trip ticket cost 2.10euros since it is zone AB only, just check the transport map and u know which one to buy
and also need to validate the ticket
else if u suay suay get checked, then u'll be fined 40euros

(however, i never see alot of pple buy the tickets leh...
and i never get checked at all lor...)

the single trip ticket is valid for 2hrs
the daily ticket for zone AB cost 6.10euros. it is valid until 3am lor, can take as many rides as you want
hmm, but it's best to count whether it is worth it anot
since the single trip one is valid for 2hrs

waiting for the train
can't wait to start the tour!!

the MASSIVE number of pple at the FREE new berlin tour!
the meeting place was at Brandenburg gate
the gate is DAMN NICE LA! :D

and there were SOOOOOOOO many people who came for the free tour!
a few hundred lor! i dun think it hit a thousand ba...
they have tours in various languages also, so u just take a queue number for which language u want
the english group had about 90 pple?!
and they split it into 3 groups lor

i think the gate very nice la!
the brandenburg gate is like v WOW and nice la!
the esplanade definitely cannot beat this man...
it is like super magnificent u know!

Hotel adlon - where michael jackson hang his baby outta the window... a presidential suite cost 12,000 euros per night!
berlin's most expensive hotel
this is where michael jackson hang his baby outside the window
perhaps that made the hotel expensive? :P
a presidential suite cost 12,000euros per night!

we visited quite a number of memorials, buildings, churches, hitler's bunker, etc. thruout the 3.5hrs walk
it was quite difficult to walk because there was ice on the ground!
melted due to the very sunny day

this was the place where we almost slipped and fell
very very very slippery!

the most pathetic structure was this:

the disappointing berlin wall
but of course, it is still kodak moment la
the berlin wall
i was super disappointed with it, i expected it to be grand!
not like a normal wall!
haiz, what's the big hype about it man...

and it's full of graffiti
in fact, the whole of berlin is full of graffiti!

berlin mascot:

berlin mascot = bear
the bear!

checkpoint charlie - pple from east berlin come here when they wanna cross to west berlin... in the past
back at aroma espresso bar for lunch
one of the cheapest sandwich in berlin
we shared this, one half each, so pathetic hor...
but it was super nice!
there is this aroma espresso bar near Checkpoint Charlie where we stopped for a snack
not bad la, it is not that expensive? everything below 5 euros lor
if u share then it's okay la, of course if u bring ur own food, it is cheaper

29 nobel prize winners came from here!!!
their university actually produced 29 nobel prize winners!
so amazing eh!!!

glass showing empty bookshelves beneath - commemorate how the scholars burnt down more than 10,000 books in the past
this glass shows empty bookshelves beneath it
it is to commemorate how the scholars burnt down more than 10,000 books in the past
it is put there to remind the students never to let history repeat itself

looks magnificent!
dome on museum island
it is not actually an island, it is just a place
around here, there are alot of beggars
in which the first thing they ask is "do you speak english"

so take care of ur belongings!
and just pretend u dunno english and walk away la
initially we din know, we still "yes?"
hahaha, stupid :P
then they will show u a piece of paper which tells u that they have a big family, etc

in fact, there are quite a number of beggars in berlin
and some looks pretty ridiculous, cos they look like ABLE looking YOUNGSTERS
with DECENT clothing who just stand on the streets with a coin can

like... HUH?!?!?

so anyway, the tour ended at museum island!

and we walked all the way back to the Fried station despite it being chilly
save money on transport mah...

Friedrichstraße = Fried station okay?
else it is too difficult to type la...

cheap 2.50euro thai noodles - abit salty though, maggie mee nicer
went to eat cheap thai noodles, 2.50euros!
not bad eh! but it din taste fantastic la, abit salty

dunkin donuts for snack! this cost 1.99euro
snacks at dunkin' donuts!
this cost 1.99 euros

burger king for dinner! quite ex, but finally can eat FRIES!
dinner at burger king!
well, it was pretty ex la
but okay lor, finally got to eat fries!!

then we headed back to the hostel, and opened the dormitory door
it was like 7.30pm only, and the old man was SLEEPING?!
so being polite, we never on lights mah
and it was so hard to move around again
and u can smell the stale smell again!
so we went out to the common area
then pondered about whether to upgrade to a private room instead

because it cost double the amount...
dormitory cost like 20sgd per person per night
private room is about 45sgd per person per night

and after calculation and consideration...
WE UPGRADED!! to a double room private ensuite with own bathroom!
wah, it was seriously the BEST DECISION made in berlin!!

own bathroom, damn big, with room service somemore
they will clean the bathroom and replenish the A GRADE toilet paper
and towels/face towels are provided
and the shower has a MASSAGE function


the comfortable beds with bedsheets already lined for us, and also including a towel and face towel!
nice bed with COMFORTABLE PILLOWS! which is humongous
and quilt which is super warm

and the flatscreen TVTVTVTVTV!
german tv! but still can watch la

even though most of the channels were german, only got 1 english channel = news
but not bad la!
i watched german desperate housewives, abit of german's next top model, german version of herbie fully loaded, german car shows (cos gh watch mah) and random shows lor

oh, there was this night, when there was this retard game show or what
with this gal wearing some translucent fish net top... -___-"
win le lor, she so fat somemore can
then dunno what the game is about, spot the difference or smthg
and the prize money went up to 89,0000euros leh! and no one did anything
hmm, dunno la, can't really understand
it was just a noisy show with a almost naked girl

oh, and because we move into the private ensuite right,
we were entitled to FREE BREAKFAST!

5.90euro breakfast buffet - FREE!
the 5.90euro breakfast buffet!
free of course eat right!
can treat it like brunch somemore = save money!!!

and the hazelnut chocolate spread was REALLY VERY NICE!
i almost wanted to take some back to lund!

so day 2 was spent exploring berlin, looking at shops
found some streets online la, but aiyah, sux la
nothing much, looks old and second-hand = dun want

having snowball fight
it was snowing like mad though
then we were bored so we played with snow

nice hor!
this kept me entertained while walking

abit outta shape also la
it kept breaking apart lor :(

they call it mini berlin
mini berlin!

and while walking, we saw this!

singapore flag!
see what is that above!
singapore flag!!!

then we had lunch at aroma espresso bar
and went back to the hostel for dinner:

cheapest meal - maggie mee (cooked in the hostel kitchen)
cheapest meal in berlin

then day 3 we went designer factory outlet hunting!
gh found it on the internet, so we went to explore!

which is double deck!
regional train has 2 decks!
of coure i sat at the upper deck

people can bring their dogs ANYWHERE! even in trains, buses, shops, etc.
europeans can bring their dogs EVERYWHERE
on public transport, etc
not good for pple like me who is scared of dogs...

still waiting for the train...
yayy! excited for the potential shopping trip

nice comfy seats
the seats on the regional train is not bad
in fact most of europe's transportation seems not bad, like coach like that

we alighted at the stop as shown on the internet
and we saw this:

mountains and wilderness
omggg! how to find la!

good thing there was a map nearby!
good thing there was a map nearby
there wasn't even a ticket office that u can enquire at la
nothing u know! barely anyone also!!!

and we finally made our way to:

b5 designer outlet!
B5 Designer Outlet in berlin!

Directions to the B5 Designer outlet:

from Alexandraplatz, take RE2 from Platform 2 towards Rathenow and alight at Elstal
it is in zone C, so need to buy the ABC ticket
the train leaves alexandraplatz every hour at like 10.51, 11.51, etc.
then follow the map above from Elstal station
basically, from the train station, follow the sign towards elstal (towards the left)
then turn right at the map there, and turn left when u see Breite Str
then turn right at Puschkin Str (u have to turn right anyway, dead end u know)
left at Garten Str, then right at Alter Spandauer Weg (by then can see like the red warehouse like buildings le)

some of the designer outlets
some of the outlets
the mango is DAMN CHEAP LA! OMGGGG!
i bought 2 tops there! like 5.99euros eh! cheap anot! say YES! :D
wah, if i had unlimited luggage space, i'll buy super alot la!
to think i'm not a mango fan...
but cheap and nice leh! :D

there was also tommy hilfiger there!
which i think is confirm cheaper than singapore?
i saw clothes for like 7.99 or 9.99 euros la!
i din go in to check it out though

i can imagine fujing go there and buy the place down :P

nike factory outlet
also went to the nike factory outlet store
also got puma and adidas there, but ex leh!
to think adidas is from germany... -___-"
y no discount la!

the rows and rows of shoes
our stuff
our pile of things

oh yes, and all these outlets are TAX FREE! so u can go and do ur tax refund at the airport
we can't get our tax refund cos we not flying back to singapore yet
and it is only valid for within 3 months
sad la :( but the tax refund also not say alot

to conclude our shopping trip:
tracy: 2 mango tops, 1 boots (9.95 euros!), and souvenirs
gh: souvenirs

hahaha, he got nothing to buy, damn sad case la
male stuff like nothing cheap one eh!

then again, i calculated that i spent WAY TOO MUCH on souvenirs already!
MANY TIMES more than MYSELF okay!
so, i shall be selfish and, sorry pple whom i haven buy souvenirs for...
u all are gonna get CHEAPO STUFF!


it's like even though each item is not THAT ex, but it adds up to alot can!!!
haiz! :(

after that, we went back to alexandraplatz, wanting to eat dinner
but there was this MASSIVE PUNK GATHERING there la! like there were MANY MANY punkers and policemen!!! omgggg! so scary la!
so we escaped and went to the Fried place

and ate at:

Fish & Chips!
we walked past this place at least 5 times in the past few days
and everyday ADMIRE it, but never go in to eat...

nice fish place at the train station
quite nice atmosphere despite being located in the train station
it is like a mini fish&co!

6.95euros, but it was REALLY nice!
dinner! 6.95euros! it was REALLY NICE!
quite worth it lor! can just treat it as eating in a restaurant in singapore mah
then u'll feel that it is pretty cheap :p

then we went to see the brandenburg gate at night!

brandenburg gate at night... my camera not so nice to take pic :(
too red
sian, my camera the colour not nice :(

it looks nice! but need those professional camera better
gh's camera
nice hor the gate!

the angmoh dunno how to take photo can, this is like so off...
angmoh dunno how to take photo one izzit
this is super horrible pic la!!!
haiz! but paiseh to ask him take again la

there were many pple taking pics too
so u see how grand it is?!?!?

we took like N number of pictures of the gate!

need a professional camera to really take the gate
then it will be REALLY nice!
like this:

then after that, we went back to the hostel
to enjoy the last night of tv!

and so the next morning, we had to check out of the hotel-like hostel
and come back to lund university, where there are projects and stuff to be done :(
so sad right...must remind myself that i'm on SEP, and not HOLIAY :P

haiz, end of holiday le :( have to leave the hotel-like hostel!
our easyjet flight back

it was on time! early in fact!

and then it was back to late lunch at pizza ciao ciao
and back at our apartment

with no tv :(
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