Saturday, January 03, 2009

[xf to vancouver]

yay! new year = new blogskin! :)
after procrastinating for so long...
finally kinda got it done up le! :D

i realised i've super little patience with it
haha, ma ma hu hu can le!

anyway, there's something hidden in it
haha, go find it!
zh found it le, with cheapo trick, haha! idiot...

early morning went to send xf off!
as gh's mummy dun wanna let him take the car
poor boy had to wake up at 630 to meet me at khatib

gh thought he flying off today also eh
wear until like ba zhang also :P

ah, i like the fox sweater!
i wanted to get it but my mum say it has too much holes and doesn't seem warm and too ex and blah blah blah
her reasons got alot de -___-"

xf so fast fly away le!!!
in like 9 days time i also gonna be in the airport too
i can't wait to take aeroplane!

we went for breakfast after she went in
and was still in time to go viewing gallery to see her plane fly off
haha! i wanted to jump into a SQ plane and watch krisworld :P

to xf:

take care in vancouver! dun come back with angmoh bf eh! :P
we'll send u a swedish postcard! :)

i wanna take A-E-R-O-P-L-A-N-E!!! :(
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