Wednesday, January 21, 2009


my com still not okay :(
decided not to reply my mum's email today
and start to BLOG FIRST!
trying not to use gh's com too much la
cos, well, it is his com mah, not mine

actually these days nothing much la
it has not snowed yet! so sian!
but sometimes in the morning, can see snow on cars la
or melted ice

jj's car :P


nice scenary hor!!

had last swedish language lesson on sunday
finally end le
so time consuming can

during breaktime
meng eat biscuit, so hungry la!
stupid lor, the course is from 11 to 2pm
why they cannot just put it earlier or later?!
what's with lunch time?!
retard man...

then we had our first laundry session!
need to book de, and can only do laundry 6 times a month!
like for both of us u know...not EACH of us

the booking machine

the washing machines are like HUGE! electrolux de!


and the dryer is also super powerful!!

the washing machine spinned SUPER FAST lor!
and good thing there was a gal to help us with instructions
cos all in swedish la
like how we know how to operate it la...

then when the thing started spinning, it looked like it was gonna explode!
and like no water flow out!
so gh thought need to add own water can!!!


hahahaha! so retarded!

then hor, dunno why after my clothes wash finish


no i not washing my hair...
i checking for the smell la!
i think it's the washing machine lor!
i'll never use that one again!
got 2 mah, the one gh used was okay!

we also visited the art gallery
on a sunday, because it was super boring
nothing is open
so we only went to the art gallery and the supermarket

this man cute anot la :P

we were just meng taking photos
not like the cultured angmohs
they really go there to appreciate art eh!


i thought this seal looks EYELESS! :s
oh man, it looks sad :(

on monday, we had our first lesson at informatics
master level lesson
i have EXAMINABLE ASSIGNMENT on the first day can! and it's worth 1 credit!
all together is 7.5 credits!
oh man...

but the teacher is super duper omg boring
he talks looking on the floor and also at the computer
so boring!

but he got ask me one question

"what is IT"

*rolls eyes*

i think i wore too prominent colour that day le
haha, i wore red... oh man!
next time must be less conspicuous

and hor, their name register is super stupid
i dunno why they cannot just print out our full names
if they can, it'll be so simple to call my name right?!
but know
they've to put seow, and then jia li
and i can't even recognise my own name when they speak!
v hard to put TRACY there ar? huh huh huh!

they have hangers outside
which cost 1kr each to use
wu liao eh, pay 20cents just to hang coat

tiny classroom!

anyway, the master level course is beyond xiong can...
omg la, got super long lessons and like alot of examinable things like cases!
4 cases = 4 group work lor! we doing with this gal from iran
who's like a masters student
i'm quite sure i'm the youngest in the class can...

i shall aim for a good grade so angmohs dun look down on us asians! :P

after that we went to nova lund to meet xh and mh!
it was a totally disappointing place

look at my super sad face! :(

then today we had our second lesson, first bizad lesson though
business policy
at least the teacher looks at us when he talks!
not bad la! sometimes he talk abit fast and jumbled up though
but still can la, can understand him

doing group work with a guy from ntu who also stays in klostergarden
perfect! can do group work in apartment u know! :D
no need to travel, cos he stay like the next block only!
so near eh!

after that we chiong for the informatics lesson AGAIN
and the teacher spent 1hr recapping yestrday's lesson
wu liao can
master level course leh!

then hor, he asked us to form BEEHIVES = groups of 2
to write down answers to some discussion points

1) what is organisation?
2) give an example of an organisation and a brief intro of it

wu liao can...
wasted so long on that!

dunno whether i should buy the textbook anot
this one got no written exam
it's just cases and more cases and individual assignments :(
haiz!! oh man...

and the textbooks here are crazy can!
it's like the second hand textbook is more ex than the first hand textbook that i bought from singapore! good thing i got 4 text for 4 modules le :D
i just left this last IT one

oh, and u know IT changes all the time, but the textbook we using is 2002 edition?!
like hello, is that outdated or what?!?
he should have just told us the title earlier
i'd have bought from singapore

i think i ask my mum to photocopy for me and post it to me, also cheaper than buying here!!!
BUT! she wun de :( cos she librarian eh, ethical :(

any kind soul wanna photocopy for me? :P

ooh, i shall blog about the stuff that we've cooked:

Shephard's pie!


the meat layer was abit too little la
but overall, still okay la! :D

gh cooking his soya sauce soup with other stuff inside:

hahaha, aunty anot la!

this is obviously posed!

we ate shephard's pie for 3 days!
save cooking time though!


this is the second time i made in lund le
the first time was abit salty
perhaps i put 1 tbsp instead of 1tsp of salt...
dunno la, but i put less this time

spaghetti! with chilli crab sauce style!


not bad hor! :D

gh looks satisfied at least :P

and for tonight, we had fried bee hoon! :D
not bad la, oh man, i think i getting not bad eh :P
soon i can graduate from "i cannot cook" academy le!!
haven upload photos yet
other days then upload
because today never take much photos la...

anyway, all my photos can be viewed on Facebook or at

i lazy to upload to my photoblog :P
i'll do it when my com gets REVIVED :(
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