Friday, January 09, 2009


i have been a bookworm these few days
bringing out a storybook wherever i go
even when i go out!



i pia finish the twilight saga within less than 3 days
i finished the first book, Twilight, long ago
so it was just New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn
no mean feat eh!

my conclusion is that: it sucks

*notes: twilight spoilers ahead for those who have not read!

harry potter and lord of the rings totally trash twilight can!
it's like, no fight

i think mainly is because HP and LOTR had some sorta a GOAL, an AIM
HP = kill voldemort, keep everyone else possible alive
LOTR = get rid of that ring

twilight leh?
what's the aim? transform the gal into vampire?
it doesn't even stop there
i felt that the last book was so thick just to prolong the story can
it could have been reduced and simplified...

and due to the lack of aim, there was not that much suspense
it's like, erm, yeah, so wth is gonna happen next?
is bella gonna fall down again? another vampire attack?

like...wu liao -___-"

and the linking between each book is like pathetically weak
not like harry potter can

the only attractive thing about twilight is that it offers different opinions about vampires and werewolves

like for example:

1) vampires do not sleep in coffins (they dun sleep at all anyway)
2) vampires will not die in sunlight
3) vampires have immense sexual cravings

wah lau, it's like damn ridiculous
i dunno why the human gal wanna have sex with this vampire male
like, HUH?!??!? technically speaking, he is SO FREAKING MUCH OLDER
and he is totally cold like a stone?!


and they seem to cannot stop having sex with each other -___-"
cos after the gal become vampire, well, they dun sleep anyway
and they wun feel tired anyway
yeah so... they can go on like forever and ever and ever -___-"

wu liao.

i thought the only pretty exciting part was the pregnancy part
and the birth of the half vamp/half human!
wah, quite exciting
din know vampire + human actually = SOMETHING
some hybrid eh!

anyway, i totally DUN anticipate the upcoming twilight movies
i thought the first one was like totally DOTS
and i can't believe pple watch it 20 times cos they think the guy v shuai

erm, like WHICH PART?!

i think the gal is quite pretty though, got the intriguing sorta a look leh
not bad, quite like FIR's faye...unique type de!
and it really sorta fits her character in the book!

and usually, i think that books are better than movies
now, considering i think the books suck le,
well, that means the movies are gonna be OMG, WASTE MONEY!

but then again, just like harry potter, i'll still be watching them when they are released
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