Sunday, January 11, 2009


well, i seem to be blogging alot today!!

this entry is in response to vince's 20 shoes entry
hahaha! i thought i've less than 20 pairs of shoes leh!

in the end, i went to the shoe wardrobe and took out all the shoes that i still will wear la
got some is like i think i'll never wear one, those i never include in the picture la

so the number of shoes that i have and will still wear stands at...


26 pairs.
shit! haha, more than vineson!!
4 slippers, 2 boots, 1 track shoes, 2 sneakers, 3 flats, 14 heels

out of which there are 3 pairs of heels in which my mum also wears la
the rest she dun like, she say too high -___-"

and nowadays i dun wear heels that often too, except the mondo one
haha, i shall rotate more when i come back!
else leave the shoes there for them to rot meh!
no wonder the shoe warddrobe no space le
cos mummy has her own shoes too mah
erm, daddy's shoes takes up like, er, nothing much, hahaha!

i'm feeling kinda sian now.
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