Friday, January 16, 2009

[reaching LUND]

Finally gonna blog when I’m in LUND!
No time to blog and my com has been AP-ing la!
Maybe it’s scared of the cold -___-“
But anyway, it keeps blue screen and restarting, and it’s super duper irritating!
And not to mention that we currently only have one internet connection in the room…sux man
The caretaker better gimme a free modem or a free splitter…

Okay, I shall blog chronologically…

So on 12th Jan at about 9+ after bathing, we finally made our way to the airport
On the way there, I made sure that my mum STOP reminding me about what have I brought
Cos hor, if I really forget something, then panic sia…

Met jj, zh, db and fj at the airport, they all reached super early la!
All reach before me =S cos they come straight for work, dinner, etc.




Yup, just stand around and talk while waiting for gh and his family lor
After he came then we check in, and to my horror…
Still got no window seats la!  cos actually we wanted to do internet check in, but we saw no window seats, so decided to check in at airport to see whether got diff anot…

After that xiao gu, uncle choon poh, cousin Lydia and her bf yaohua also came to send me off lor
Xiao gu they all really v nice  helped me a lot for my trip!
Actually all my family really helped a lot la


During the time that we were waiting, I also met xiuhui and minhui from nus science who are also going to lund! Yup, I contacted xiuhui thru teresa la, so got more company mah :D

As we were about to enter the gates, I met Derry who was going back to Beijing! He had the exact same flight date and time as me, except, obviously is different flight right…


Okay, finally went into terminal 3
Conclusion for Terminal 3: it SUCKS
I mean the deco la, terminal 2 rocks way better can!
Terminal 3 is big, empty, boring -___-“
It needs more flowers and ponds like terminal 2! Perfect camwhoring place can!

So since got nothing much to take…

Take picture with butterfly garden, in which we never go in
Cos seems like at night no butterflies eh!

One of the few koi pond

I couldn’t even find free phone or free internet to use la!
But then again, we also din really walk much before we had to board le!

My sucky non-window seat

the plane ride was okay la, the krisworld was not bad wad! :D
I watched 3 movies altogether, and 2 tv shows, and lots of radio
Why lots of radio?
Cos I kept blasting music so that I can fall asleep

Cos this STUPID GUY beside me hor, keep snoring la! Omg!
I was gonna punch his face already laaaaaaaaaaaa!
I tried ALL SORTS of method to drown out his snoring
And it included plugging in my in-ear earphones too! But it DID NOT WORK!
His snoring is like, omg, PENETRATIVE!!

Only one thing kept his snoring out: Jay Zhou’s 魔杰座
Hahahaha! Seriously lor! Even Lin Jun Jie’s Sixology also did not manage to drown his snoring!
I spent like 2+ hrs having bad sleep cos of Mr Snorer, but after I played jay zhou, I managed to have good sleep for 5 hrs! :D perfecttttt!

Then after 12+hrs (yeah, the flight was quite short eh!), we finally touched down at Copenhagen Airport!


We waited like super duper long for luggage though!

Then after that was the buying train ticket to get to Lund C
Wah lau, the cashier cannot understand us or smthg, cos we were thinking whether to buy separately or in 2s la! She say it’s the same price, but it’s NOT!
It’s cheaper to buy in 2s (176dkk). Per person have to pay 103DKK instead!

Pictures while waiting for the train

Good thing there was this swede at the platform who kindly offered us directions!
Ang mohs are the best man!
They ZI DONG offer one leh! Not that we went up to him to ask!

We waited quite awhile at the platform, I felt that the temperature was fine actually
Nothing like in Wuxi where I was chilled to the bones
I felt pretty comfortable, maybe cos I was wearing 2 thermal, 1 long sleeve and 1 winter coat

Finally the train came!


Omg, luggage super heavy la! Good thing we got 4 pple u know
so that can look after luggage and also to move the luggage
haha, gh helped me with my big luggage la, which i totally can't carry it...
i dunno how pple go there alone lor, will die leh! :S

then there were student mentors meeting us at the train station, THANK GOD!
and then there were mini vans to bring us to the sch
they should have sent a BIG coach can...
then reached the AF building and started to check in, get keys, etc.


we had some rubbish problem during check in cos they can't find our name -__-"
it's like right in front of me, then i tried to tell them that they put both of our surnames
then they start talking in swedish so that we dun understand
idiot, i really felt like speaking in chinese...but aiyah cannot la, outnumbered :P

then the 4 of us wanted to go to the canteen for some food
but the menu was all in swedish
and we were super tired!
so we gave up la, took our luggage and waited for our respective mini vans (we stay in different places) and go back to apartment lor
we waited like super duper omg long, because the bus drivers were eating -__-"

the kong bu amount of luggage in the mini van
the driver this time.. confirm no license can!
he dunno stall how many times, mount kerb how many times...
should ask gh to drive instead!

ooh, when we reach our apartment, not bad la!


we have like living/dining/kitchen kinda combined la, bathroom, walk in warddrobe, a big room for all the desks and beds, and we have like 2 big warddrobes and a tiny warddrobe and like 2 bookshelves

not bad eh!

bad thing is: 1 modem only
sucks man! hope we hurry settle it with the caretaker!!

lunch was:


good thing gh bought his tiny pot
because all their pots quite dirty leh!!!

after clearing up abit, we went to walk walk to find rubbish chute and checked out the nearby supermarkets COOP and Netto
we compared prices and ended up buying from COOP because it had more variety

dinner was:


we bought from COOP and went to oven bake it
overly baked though
and it's like SUPER salty!

and that marks the end of a VERY LONG day 1!
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