Saturday, January 10, 2009

[quick update]

okay, just a quick update before reunion dinner!


went to woodlands lib to photocopy some stuff
wah lau, photocopy in nlb is like CRAZY
it cost 0.08cents per page!
while like in hssml, it is 0.03 cents!
i know YIH is 0.025 cents la, but it's too far away, troublesome!
yeah, so photocopying in NLB is like almost 3 times more!
but then outside even worse la hor, 10 or 20 cents per page, crazy!

then went to raffles city to meet daniel from dhl (previously) for dinner
ate at coffee club
dun have the soft shell crab thingie anymore leh!
i ate dory with rositto rice
then just talk abit lor, but i was pretty tired also la :s


woke up earlier than normal to sweep and mop the floor
i was trying to do it at lightning speed, haha
then had lunch and went out to raffles city mos burger to meet gh and tersa
had interesting discussion!
i feel that i really learnt alot la :D
so many things to look out for and stuff

thanks teresa for all the things! :)


met fujing at raffles city for lunch (yep, it's RAFFLES CITY for the 3rd time!)
ate at Soup Spoon
first time i eat there! it is expensive and filling!
i couldn't even finish la! it cost like $10.50
i guess it's cheaper than other western meals though
but really filling! eat till can puke ar...

then after that walked around the shops lor
i was tempted to buy the Fox sweater tunic that xf had!
it cost $25 now only! :D:D:D then dbs card still got rebates!! :D:D:D
but aiyah, i din buy la...i wanted the red one :(
luggage no space le anyway!
saw nice dresses at promod (i think it's promod) but it cost like $99.90
and nice ralph lauren blue checkered dress ($429)
and nice clothes at riverisland!!!
i din realise that riverisland clothes have become nicer!
last time i went there (which was when it first opened) wah lau, super DISAPPOINTING la!
but anyway, no money la........... :(

well, it was seriously window shopping for me, haha
fj bought a vest though

then after that i went home while fj went to watch redcliff2 with jt
i was damn tired actually
wasn't feeling v well, was pretty woozy

yuan lai the flu jab prevents u from getting the flu symptoms (eg sneezing),
but u still feel sucky like headache, tired and abit feverish

but i'm all better le! :D


after being yelled at all morning by my mum,
i was super frustrated, escaped to my bathroom to bathe
then i asked zh to meet me earlier at amk hub la

i totally speed all the way to park at my ah gong's hse there -__-"
okay la, not really say speed, i mean, there were alot of cars...
then spent some time parking at my ah gong's hse
and walked all the way to amk hub, haha thought i'll be late
then i had to go uob first
end up after i finish it was also 12
zh din really have to come early :P hahaha!
aiyahhhh never mind la

then bj came lor, zh and bj were meeting for lunch la
i was just dropping by to get my hdd from zh
but i also shun bian got a treat :p
cos bj treat zh lunch at pepper lunch then shun bian i got free icecream also :D

and bj has this retardedly big 500gb hdd
it's not those portable type
it's....DAMN BIG LA!
i can imagine him copying and copying zh's daddy's movies since he giving tuition at amk...

okay, i shall go back to helping with reunion dinner preparations
else i'll be scolded at again..........
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