Sunday, January 04, 2009


today was like major cooking day
my mum dragged me up at like 10am
so as to make pancakes

she help me find the recipe lor
which looked like my previous recipe leh!!!
but it turned out perfect la! :D
omg, damn nice!

my mum just help me find the ingredients in my house only leh
never say do much also
just stand there, and the pancakes turned out magically nice

unfair man -___-"
i did roughly the same thing previously okay!!

then after that we cooked macaroni
okay la, i cooked before le mah, but that time was for v big portion
now we lessen it lor
so of course it turned out nice :D
a little bit salty but when all mixed together, it's fine

then she experimented with satay, cos my babysitters taught her yesterday
turned out okay only leh, not say very nice
she say she need to experiment again, not enough flavouring!

then we did this oven baked fish with some sauce thingie la
make ur own sauce de
it turned out not bad la, abit fishy, so she was teaching me how to get rid of the fishiness next time

then we did some baked chicken and potatos thingie
the chicken was breast meat la, so not v nice leh!
too dry le! next time i'll use the thigh!
but thigh got bone la, but at least it has skin and oil = sinful = nice :D

okay la, that's about it
i was damn tired
kept sleeping in the afternoon la!

i realised i should have taken a pic of everything we cooked today
but sadly
it's in our tummies already =P
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