Tuesday, January 06, 2009


today i travelled back to nus!
amazingly my mum let me take the car there
cos had heavy stuff mah

the traffic sucks totally
i took 1hr 5mins to get from my hse to clementi
and not say my fault can! wah lau, the jam was like super sucky!
i press the brake until my feet there damn suan!
i take train also faster can -___-"

then went to sch, passed things to bj, photocopied stuff, handed in stuff,
and went to eat arts canteen ytf! :D
my last farewell to yx auntie! :D
but hor, i think the coconut not right leh, for the laksa
abit sour today! and subsequently my tummy pain!! :(

then gh dropped his things at home, then headed towards home
where gh had a heart attack when i squeeze through 2 lorries
wah shit, it was seriously damn close la :S i also shock dao after i passed it
stupid lorry why jut out so much! go away!

haha, i damn retard one, i'll ask vehicles to go away when i'm in the car -__-"
abit like talking to air eh, as if they can listen! :P

okay, then went home, put the car at home, put the keys at home (by order of my mum),
and then went out lor, we went to The Cathay to watch College

last time we saw the preview, seemed quite funny la
wah lau, this is by far one of the stupidest movie i've ever watched -___-"
stupidest + most disgusting

i thought Borat was bad, it was like R21 anyway
but at least initially it was pretty sorta funny
just that it turned abit disgusting and naked -__-"

but College is like totally NOT FUNNY (okay, i admittedly laughed for a good 3 seconds...)
and tremendously disgusting...but it's M18 nia
dunno why la

think Borat was given R21 because they show 2 fully naked guys
College given M18 cos they show MANY half naked (almost naked) gals
like, er, wth?!

yeah well, the whole show was just damn disgusting la
full of partying, beer, naked pple, disgusting pple, wu liao leh!
i can't imagine leh
is America really like that?!?

haha, xf can go find out =S
dun get too wild hor :P

really quite kong bu leh
college means only 18 or 19 like that lor!
ridiculous sex-crazed country...

after that walked to Suntec City for dinner at crystal jade xiao long bao
i think the holland v one taste nicer!
but the suntec one has more choices
the suntec one, the pork taste is too strong! i cannot take it lor
i hate to eat pork lor, it's cos NO CHOICE then i eat de
HAIZ! nearly puke can...

walked around for awhile for food to digest
then walk to esplanade to take bus home
on the way at the marina square steps, i heard a damn loud "TRACY!!!"
wah, chua dio, but too far, cannot see who!
yuan lai it was clara and clarice and the accountacy pple i think!

haha, shock dao, at first i thought call wrongly or what :P

the journey back on 857 sux
i wanted to sleep la, but it was pretty uncomfortable
and random person knocking into u when u almost doze off
super xin ku!

tml is another long day
need to do housework, go to the lib, and meet daniel for dinner!
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